Fun With Flowers From Israel


What do you get when you mix kochia and ranunculus from Israel? (No. This is not a trick question!)

Here is kochia imported from Israel. Isn't this stuff incredible? It has a white, silvery kind of color to it--a very unique look in botanicals.

It is a good example of my belief that every flower and every foliage brings something very interesting and unique to the design bench.


Now let's combine the kochia with the powerful, bright colors of the ranunculus from Israel, and see what happens!

Voila!! Aren't the results amazing?


Wow! Kochia provides the framework for this dynamic bridal bouquet. The cool silvery, white of the kochia really contrast well with the colorful ranunculus. The shape is an interpretation of a teardrop style bouquet, with the kochia providing a radiating aspect.

The result is a very dramatic and dynamic bouquet. Also included in this bouquet are roses, and Israeli orange ornithogalum dubium.



Still Photographs

The following pages contain still photographs of a variety of very neat designs incorporating Blooming of Beloits' wonderful flowers from Israel.

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