Fun With Flowers From Israel


Perhaps the bud vase design in water featured on the last page feels a little too "way out" for your tastes?



No problem. At Rittners Floral School we teach both classical as well as cutting edge techniques of floral designing in most of our courses.

In fact if we were to describe the current floral art scene in one word, we would call it, "eclectic." That is to say, that there can be many different kinds of styles and approaches in floral art that may all coexist at the same time. This is it wonderful in a marketplace where folks have varied tastes. We stress that in our teaching. It makes our graduates very versatile in their floral designing skills.....

So if a contemporary design in water as shown above is not to your taste, how about this one?



Stylistically, this arrangement is more classical.

It is a roundy kind of design created in water in an ivy bowl. These designs are wonderful for wedding receptions, parties, hospitals, flowers for the dining room table and office gifts. They are very, very practical and can be used in many different places.

Once again it is the use of some of these wonderful Israeli products that make this classical design feel a bit different. Do you see the use of the green bells again? They shoot out in all directions creating the marvelous feeling of depth, dimension and movement!

Now here is another neat product from Israel, Green trick dianthus. ( Yes, before you ask, it does come in from other places too, but we're using Israeli products in this brief presentation! ) There is a close up photo down below these paragraphs of some green trick dianthus alone. Green trick kind of reminds me of a photograph I once encountered of the taste buds of a frog!!

The green trick is awesome! It has a funny fuzzy kind of texture. But just as importantly, it is a very hardy flower, and holds up extremely well in designing whether stylized in foam or water. Look back at the round ivy bowl design above and you will see that green trick was used profusely thorughout the design.

The yellow flower, ornithogalum dubium, is also an Israeli product ( and also a very durable long lasting flower). The foliage used, (also from Israel) is variegated pittosporum, a favorite of many floral designers for many years. Some gorgeous roses (with pink and green petals) mix well with these wonderful Israeli products.

The result is a design that will appeal to someone with classical tastes, yet provides a very refreshing and "with it" kind of look.



Still Photographs

The following pages contain still photographs of a variety of very neat designs incorporating Blooming of Beloits' wonderful flowers from Israel.

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