Fun With Flowers From Israel


Lately, we have been seeing a trend towards stylizing floral art under the water level. This is very "chi chi," and some people love this approach. It is visually complex and striking. It is great for party and function work, and also sometimes used in reception areas and hotel lobbies.

At Rittners Floral School we take pride in showing both the classical as well as cutting edge practices, so we are pleased to present this look in our gallery here. The design thus far consists of tulips and curly willow.

We could stop at this point.....But wait..... There's more!!!!


Let's use these striking Israeli flowers to add a section on top of our column of flowers!!

The combination is incredible!

The top addition makes ample use of the green xanadu foliage to define the shape and form. Lisianthus and green trick dianthus fill the arrangement. To create some continuity between the top and bottom sections of the design, some of the lavender tulips are also placed on the top section as well as in the column. Notice the use of the Israeli onithogalum dubium for a bright contrast.

Once again the incredible green bell filler provides a whispy counterpoint to the other materials. It makes the design feel much more light and airy.

This design could be used just as you see it.

It could be placed in groupings with several of these stylized as mirror images of each other and placed next to each other.

It could also be placed alternating the complete design (top and bottom) with the columns alone (without the top section) to create larger placements of greater complexity with rhythmic flow.

In other words, this kind of designing allows an enormous amount of creative variation and possibilities for use.

The incorporation of Israeli flowers adds but another interesting twist to this very "with it" approach to floral art.



Still Photographs

The following pages contain still photographs of a variety of very neat designs incorporating Blooming of Beloits' wonderful flowers from Israel.

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