Specific Courses Offered At
The Rittners School Of Floral Design


And We Do It The Right Way At Rittners Floral School....

Our Philosophy is To Offer Specific Courses Based on Your Scheduling Needs...

Not Based on Making You Come Back Over and Over Again For More and More Programs......

We have great Floral Design Course options for you. Which one you take will depend upon your scheduling needs. Our whole philosophy is to share floral art with you in one great course, rather than encouraging you to take a series of never ending workshops.....By approaching teaching floral designing that way, our courses are far more user friendly, and give far greater value....

A Comprehensive Day Course that runs from mid Sept through mid March,

•A 12.5 Week Evening Course In Floral Art offered Jan 30 and again in Oct.

•A Concentrated Program that is offered during the day time in April, June and July/Aug.

•We offer "Fun With Flowers Classes", and "Do-it-Yourself Bridal Bootcamp" single session classes.

BY APPOINTMENT -- Special Social/Recreational/Teambuilding Fun With Flowers Classes For Groups.



Comprehensive Day Course-Floral Design/Floral Business Skills-- Mid. Sept

Our most comprehensive program, and we believe it to be the finest of its kind in the country. This course runs every day Mon-Fri (with the exception of vacations) from mid- September through mid March.

Students design with flowers every day and get detailed and dynamic instruction in floral art as well as floral allied subjects.

If you really want to learn floral art in detail take this one!

It's the finest and most comprehensive that we offer.

Attracts folks from all over the country and abroad. No prior background required.

And yes, it is perfectly OK. to take this course with no vocational plans at all, just to have fun and enjoy a wonderful floral art program. Many folks who have taken this program tell us that it is one of the nicest things they have ever done for themselves.

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Twelve and One Half Week Evening Course-Floral Design--Starts Jan 30 (and October)

This course is designed for busy professionals and for those whose obligations during the day require an after-hours kind of program.

Our Evening Division is a great way to enjoy a few hours after work in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere!! This class usually has quite an interesting mixture of folks from many diverse backgrounds. This program provides a terrific way to get out, meet new people, reduce stress and have a great time, while learning amazingl floral art skills!

The primary emphasis in The Evening Course is on the hands-on workshop floral designing.

Impress your family and your friends with all the neat floral designs that you will be bringing home and with the skills that you will acquire! No prior background required.

It is Tues and Thurs Evenings, from approx 7:15pm To 10:00 pm. Two nights per week for 12.5 Weeks.

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Concentrated Day Course-Floral Design--April, June and July/Aug


If you want to learn floral design skills and need to acquire those skills in a short time in a day time format, this course is for you!

A no-nonsense program that covers a wide range of design skills and techniques ranging from vase arrangements, and designing in water to wedding designs to novelty floral art. Personalized instruction and hands-on workshop floral art training at its best....

This one attracts folks from all over the country and abroad!

It is quite similar to our 12.5 Week Evening Course in content. What is different is the way the courses' hours are structured.

No prior background required. Questions? Call Dr. Steve at 617-267-3824.

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Bridal Boot Camp (March 28, 2020)


Want to save lots of money on your wedding flowers? Want the satisfaction of doing it all yourself? Want to enjoy bragging rights?

But you don't want a longer program, a complicated sequence of classes or a series of classes that that feel rushed or overly complicated.

We have just the right thing for you. A short, fun, hands-on workshop for you. Inexpensive and enjoyable! Learn how to create your own hand tied bouquets, centerpieces and flowers to wear!

QUICK, EASY, FUN and INEXPENSIVE ! A fun, easy to learn, Morning or Morning and afternoon solution to meet your needs.

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  • Bridal Boot Camp I and II


    Fun With Flowers (Various Times Throughout The Year)

    Looking for a one session workshop to get out, and reduce stress while having fun with flowers?

    Our Fun With Flowers Floral Art Workshop is for you! Enjoy the thrill of creating a floral masterpiece to take home and show off to your family and friends...

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  • Fun With Flowers --- One Session --- Floral Art Workshop



    Floral Entrepreneur Boot Camp-- Our Floral Business Skills Seminar

    A separate non designing program in Floral Business Skills. This course is often taken by folks in the Evening Division or in the Concentrated Course to get even more background in how to make money from floral designing!

    Easy to follow, fun and entertaining discussions on critical industry specific information! Give yourself an edge if you want to make money from your floral art skills with very industry specific information.

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    Programs For Your Own Group......

    In addition to our regularly scheduled diploma programs we also are quite willing to do specialized programs for social and professional groups, for team building and social purposes.

    We can create a floral event for you that will give your friends/colleagues/family, wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

  • Programs For Your Own Group



    Links With More Information About Our Various Courses---

    And We Do It The Right Way At Rittners Floral School....

    Here are links to our various programs with more detailed information. For advice as to what program may be the best fit for you, for our rates and an application form, please phone our office at 617-267-3824

  • Comprehensive Day Course
  • Management Segment of The Day Course
  • Evening Course-12.5 Weeks
  • Concentrated Spring and Summer Day Courses
  • Floral Entrepreneur Boot Camp--Our Floral Business Skills Seminar

  • Some things to know about Rittners Floral School

    How you benefit from taking a course At Rittners Floral School?

    Of the various courses offered which one may be the best match for me?

    Our approach is based on providing courses that are funky, dyamic, fun and that give great value...

    If you have any questions or would like to speak to us personally, please call us at 617-267-3824, and we will be happy to help you!