Fun With Flowers From Israel


The conventional wisdom for past generations of floral designers was that you could only create a round or perhaps oval vase arrangement in glassware in water media. IIt required the invention of foam, or perhaps other mechanical aids to achieve linear effects....

Well That was then. This is now!! As you can see it is not only possible to create a line arrangement in water/glass media, but one that is very exciting visually.

The infrastructure inside our glassware is some of the exciting decorative wire from the great folks at Smithers Oasis. Using the red decorative wire creates a strong and exciting statement. It also helps us control the placement of the various botanical elements of this arrangement.

The wonderful xanadu really work so well here. They provide both vertical as well as horizontal expression. A couple of green trick dianthus are also quite helpful. One provides vertical thrust on the right side of the design. The other is in the center close to the glass.

Three daffodils and two green anthurium really draw our eyes into the design. Curly willow adds greater height and creates the feeling of movement and drama.

Once again Israeli flowers mix with other botanicals to create a wonderful arrangement!


Still Photographs

The following pages contain still photographs of a variety of very neat designs incorporating Blooming of Beloits' wonderful flowers from Israel.

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