SMR Gardenias & Stephanotis

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Here is a really cool bridal bouquet.

It could be carried by the bride, maid of honor or bridesmaids. it is based on the classical circular bouquet, but notice that we are presenting a really neat variation here.

The entire bouquet is created against a background of heather. Normally you would expect all of the remaining flowers to be mixed together against that heather background. But we are not doing that! The major players....the lilies and the gardenias, are placed in very specific groupings or clusters!

It doesn't require a huge amount of flowers to create a design like this. But the flowers that are used, are used quite well. They are displayed for maximum visual appeal and impact. What an appropriate design to show off SMR gardenias!




But wait..........There's more!!!!!!



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Additional Ideas Using Stephanotis from SMR