SMR Gardenias & Stephanotis

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Many people have preconceived notions about what flowers "will go" with other floral materials and what flowers "won't work " with other floral materials.

Most of those opinions are quite subjective.

Just about anythiing can be made to work together, subject of course, to the physical limitations of floral media.

In this case we wanted to demonstrate how two very different kinds of floral materials could combine quite well together in bridal bouquets.

Hydrangea are considered a prestige flower, right up there along with stephanotis! Physically, however, shape, size and color wise, they are quite different. Yet, notice how they work so well together in this extraordinary bridal bouquet......



Here's a close-up. I particularly like the fact that the hydrangea, while green in hue, has strong streaks of blue here and there. Adding the touch of blue to the centers of the stephanotis, and adding a royal blue bow with showers, integrates two premier flowers so nicely together!


Wow that was exciting!!!!

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself................

But wait..........There's more!!!!!!



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Additional Ideas Using Stephanotis from SMR