SMR Gardenias & Stephanotis

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So many brides these days want color in their bouquets........ This bouquet certainly adds color... How about taking the round bouquet from the last page and thinking "beyond the circle?





What a dramatic bouquet!! In this case we stretched and morphed our round bouquet, creating an oval shape that is asymmetrical in feeling....

This is not a circle. It is not a tear drop or a cascade... Rather it is a hybrid......and it is so effective!!

At Rittners Floral School we teach our students to use various techniques and approaches to solve specific design problems. Part of the floral artist's job is to meet the specific needs of their clients with floral services and media.....If someone prefers a more conservative look, fine. If someone is seeking something a little different, that's ok too!

This bouquet presents a different kind of look for someone seeking a bit more drama in their design....

Whether you seek a more conventional circular bouquet or something a little more "edgy," stephanotis from SMR works quite well to help bring about the desired outcome.

But wait............ There's more!!!!!!



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Additional Ideas Using Stephanotis from SMR