Our students Recently Played With Some Wonderful Stephanotis & Gardenias From SMR Stephanotis!

Aren't these absolutely beautiful?

Students in several of our recent classes played with these incredible SMR stephanotis and with these wonderful SMR gardenias!

Stephanotis is a premier flower, highly prized for use in wedding designing and for flowers to wear....... In our classes some of our students used the stephanotis in wedding bouquets. Some used them in flowers to wear! Gardenias are outstanding for bridal bouquet use!

Stephanotis is derived from the greek words stephanos meaning crown and otos, ear. If you look carefully at it, it looks kind of like a crown with little ears coming off of it. It is also called Madagascar Jasmine..It is a prestige flower. Not only is it lovely to behold, but stephanotis has a sweet and wonderful fragrance! (No they don't come with the pearls.. Those may be added later!)


Gardenias (the lower photo) are another major league wedding flower! They are named after Dr. Alexander Garden who was a naturalist who lived in Charlestown S. Carolina around the time of the Revolutionary War. Dr. Garden was a capable physician, and botany and zoology were his passions. He sent specimens of various things to Carl Linnaeus in Sweden, who named the gardenia in his honor. Alas Dr. Garden picked the wrong side (The British) during the American Revolutionary War and had to relocate to London! (Oh well... That was long ago.. All is forgiven!). This premier wedding flower immortalizes his name!

We are delighted that our students stylized floral art using these beautiful flowers..... and we appreciate the folks at SMR who made their outstanding products available to us.





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Additional Ideas Using Stephanotis from SMR