Fun With Spring Flowers


Floral designing today is quite eclectic. As floral artists we create designs that are quite classical in feeling and approach.

Yet at the same time, we create things that are cutting edge if not "bleeding edge" stylistically.

Some people get hung up over whether a design is "old fashioned" or "trendy."

In art and design fields, these words are often the source of much concern, conflict and debate. For one designer to call another designer "old fashioned" is the design equivalent of "name calling."

Frankly, I think this kind of debate is a waste of time and energy. The bottom line is that what one person calls "old fashioned" another will call "romantic." What one person sees as "trendy," another will see as "bizarre."

It matters little if a design approach or style was developed nearer or farther away in time. What is important is that someone somewhere likes that style and finds that it speaks to him/her. What is wrong with eclecticism in floral expression? Nothing at all. What is important is that people enjoy flowers in their lives, regardless of style.

This allows a huge range of expression in your floral art.

Take this design for example. If you look at it quickly, it feels very classical. It has a radiating fan shape, and includes carnations, often associated with traditional floral art.

But is this design really traditional? To start with the container is totally concealed, covered with moss in what many floral designers would consider to be a very contemporary manner.

Yes there are carnations, but a huge number of carnation stems--without the heads, are also filling space within this arrangement. (In fact the stems were left over from carnations used in other design projects.) Stems placed without heads is certainly not traditional....

The carnations are mixed with two wonderful upscale flowers for spring from Blooming of Beloit---Namely allium and viburnum. Look closely and you will see these two upscale materials intricately interwoven into the entire body of this piece....

Finally notice the use of twigs... Yes there is branchy stuff... twigs... Kiwi vine placed throughout this floral design. The use of branchy materials is commonly found in contemporary pieces.

Is this design classical? Is it contemporary? A good question.

Bottom line, is that it is interesting......and makes use of some wonderful spring materials!


Still Photographs

The following pages contain still photographs of a variety of very neat designs incorporating Blooming of Beloits' wonderful spring flowers.

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