Fun With Spring Flowers


This one was fun to create. It is also fun to look at and to analyze!

It is a water based design, namely, a flower arrangement created in glass with water as the supporting and nurturing media rather than foam.


Water based floral art has always been challenging. The flowers are harder to control and placment is a challenge. Traditionally, water based solutions have been created roundy, or oval or flat in shape like the spring design made with lilacs featured earlier.




For the design featured on this gallery page, we chose a narrow oval container. Two bunches of tulips, which are definitely spring flowers, dramatically set the stage. They dramatically flair out to both the left and to the right....But as we mentioned earlier, tulips, while associated with spring, aren't the only spring flower available...

The awesome allium from Blooming of Beloit reinforce this arrangement as a spring design.

Allium, carnations and curly willow provide height and a vertical thrust to this arrangement.

This design is rather large and dramatic. It definitely says "spring" in a non traditional way!



Still Photographs

The following pages contain still photographs of a variety of very neat designs incorporating Blooming of Beloits' wonderful spring flowers.

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