Fun With Spring Flowers


Thus far we have demonstrated how the use of spring viburnum can be used to unify a design, and also how it can also be used as a major element to provide contrast in color and form.

But now let's shift gears. Another of the great flowers that becomes available to us in the spring is Allium! You never can go wrong with this flower.

It is large. It is bold. It makes a strong statement in and of itself. And because it is visually dynamic, a small number of allium can have enormous impact in creating floral art with great appeal.

In this photograph we are featuring a very nice contemporary piece....

Three ginger, four roses, and three beehive ginger, combine with tropical foliage and five allium to result in a very pretty floral piece that is contemporary, but not way, way out.


There is something rather interesting that we should point out in the use of the Allium.

I like to say that every single flower, or foliage brings something unique to the design table.... Allium is no exception. Its round sperical shape is unique and demands our attention. But there is also something else.

Allium is blessed with fairly long stems. This is definitely an asset in providing height to our design. As we tell our students at Rittners Floral School, if you can make a design taller, "Ka-ching, ka-ching..." you can charge more for it!

But who says that we have to use the allium only for extending the height of the arrangement? Look closely!


Yes. That's right. Two of the allium have been tucked in towards the base forming part of the focal area of the design. In this case we are making use of the attention commanding, color, form and shape of the allium to draw our eyes in towards this part of the design. Notice that it starts at the left side, just beyond the red ginger... Our eye follows a diagonal towards the second allium as shown above.......and then.....

Continues bringing our eyes upwards to the taller parts of the arrangement...


Not that we mean to get overly obsessive about design theory, (We could also draw the arrows in the opposite direction from top to bottom) but the ability to use two different aspects of a flower's unique personality--- the attention seeking aspect of mass, color and form, as well as the length/height aspect, is interesting.

It certainly helps contribute to the creation of a lovely floral piece that feels unusual and exotic, yet is quite lovely.

Another spring flower that we enjoy.....Allium available from Blooms of Beloit, Beloit, WI.






Still Photographs

The following pages contain still photographs of a variety of very neat designs incorporating Blooming of Beloits' wonderful spring flowers.

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