Breaking Boundaries With Berries

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Wow! Isn't this vase arrangement spectacular?

This is line arrangement or what we commonly call "high style" vase arrangment techinique.

The contents and mixture are interesting and contemporary. Bells of Ireland are clustered on the right side of the arrangement. Bells of Ireland have amazing curves and these work well to create a dynamic feeling of movement in this floral piece. The gladiolas are placed to the left, providing counter balance to the bells of ireland.

The orange lilies create a strong line through the center of the design and also provide a nice focal area.

But look closely... The Ilex or winterberry really creates an amazing effect through the center of the arrangement. Once again ornamental berries are a key to the visual complexity and success of a floral design!

Oh, and just for contrast, here is a variation on this theme. Similar but not exactly the same. No glads here in this second example. The bells are now shifting towards the left side of the arrangement. Fewer lilies. The winterberries are still a key player through the center of the design's infrastructure and help keep the arrangement in balance.




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