Breaking Boundaries With Berries

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At Rittners Floral School in Boston, we teach a variety of styles and approaches ranging from classical beauty to contemporary and even "way out." We believe that the contemporary floral designer should feel comfortable working in all of these styles, and our curriculum reflects that philosophy.

Here is an interesting example of some cutting edge designing that many of us love to play with.


Only four roses are used in this design in water. But notice, that this design is definitely not classical in feeling. The use of dogwood branches extends the size of this arrangement. Berries not only go above the container, but are placed even down below the water level as well. Decorative wire woven through the arrangement provides more visual interest.....

Contrast this very contemporary look above with the more classical expression in water that we presented earlier...( pictured below.)

Both arrangements are nice. Both are enhanced by the use of ornamental berries.

Neither design is "better" than the other. They are each appropriate for different individuals with different tastes......or for the same individual who would like different looks at different times to suit his/her mood or needs.




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