Breaking Boundaries With Berries

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We started this gallery, "Breaking Boundaries With Berries" with this arrangement.

It is appropriate that we end with it as well.......


This design incorporates floral art on a footed base.... The bottom section of the arrangement is actually very classical.... Myrtle, and seeded eucalyptus form a base upon which yellow fujis and golden roses are placed. Ornamental berries create a vibrant excitement.......The design below stands nicely on its own.



The placement of additional ornamental berries allows us to create an upper armature through which we have woven some roses. The roses are in water tubes so that they will continue to have water! The overall result is large, very showy and spectacular!



We do hope that you have really enjoyed viewing this gallery, "Breaking The Boundaries With Berries."

We'd like to thank the folks at Blooming of Beloit, in Beloit Wisconsin for making their ornamental berries available for this project.

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