Bridal Boot Camp

Our Special Short Seminar
For the Do-It-Yourself Bride---

April 27, 2024


Are you trying to control the cost of your wedding?

Do you want the satisfaction of telling your guests that you made the wedding flowers yourself?

Get bragging rights! Save lots of money!

We have a very special set of seminars for the bride who wants to create her own florals...

Ideal for the maid of honor, bridesmaids or even the moms and grandmothers....

Hey even the groom can take this one!

Great for anyone who would like to learn the secrets of making those wonderful hand tied bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces/designs.

NO prior floral design background or experience is required for either of these workshop seminars! They are reasonably paced and reasonably priced.

At Rittners Floral School, we know what you want...

If you are a bride trying to save money, you want one or two no nonsense, straightforward design classes that will give you the kinds of skills you are seeking, at a very reasonable price..... Not an entire series of design classes....

You want a class that is nicely paced. A class where you can master a reasonable amount of information in a comfortable amount of time...You want a class that does not feel like you are being rushed or overloaded.....

You also don't want to be drawn into a flower shop, where a class is a prelude to trying to sell you more extensive bridal designing services.....

At Rittners Floral School, we really know our stuff. You benefit from learning where the pros learn.....Think of kindly mentors presenting a hands-on workshop in an entertaining and enjoyable way. And with no pressure to sell you any additional floral services or products.

Typical comments about our school...."It feels like fun... not school." At Rittners Floral School we really love teaching Floral Art and helping people save money on their own weddings. It shows..

At Rittners you are in a real floral school, not a basement or back room of a shop.....


Bridal Boot Camp I --The Hand Tied Bouquet With Stems

  • Next Class Date--April 27, 2024--- from 9:00 am till 12:00
  • Hands-on workshop. You make it. You take it home!
  • Cost? Including all flowers, supplies and materials only $120.
In this workshop you will learn the secrets of how to create hand tied bouquets.

In addition we will discuss choice of flowers, and how to take care of them, condition them, etc.

Bridal Boot Camp II --The Centerpiece and Boutonniere/Corsage

  • Next Class Date--April 27, 2024-- From 1:00 am till 4:00
  • Hands-on workshop. You make it. You take it home!
  • Cost? Including all flowers, supplies and materials only $120.
The wedding reception means "party time!" In this workshop you will learn the secrets of creating a lush and amazing centerpiece of mixed flowers sure to add prestige and value to your reception.

In addition you will learn how to create a simple boutonniere and corsage and how to turn that corsage into something that can also be worn on the wrist.

The "Small Print!"

To take either of these programs student has to preregister using the pdf form listed below. Prepayment is necessary. We will accept personal checks up to three weeks before the seminar. If you register after that cash or bank issued check is necessary.

Kindly register using this page:


Want to have the staff of Rittners Floral School create your wedding flowers for you? Check out this link. (We are not going out of our way to promote this, but it is an option that you can consider.. We teach it.. We can also do it for you )


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