Fun With Stephanotis and Gardenias From SMR

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One of the things we stress at Rittners Floral School in Boston, is that the choices we make in terms of material and color selection can affect the psychological impact of a floral design. Notice that both the design presented on this page (above) and the design presented on the last page (below) are both classical round bouquets, yet each feels quite different.

The bouquet above is more subtle being predominantly yellow, but a softer, lighter yellow... as opposed to the neon colors featured in the last design (below)

Yet, the design displayed above is not by any means "grandpa's generation of bouquets." The use of contemporary hypericum berries coupled with very "with it" decorative wire give this bouquet a very definite modern flair.

Stephanotis integrates quite well into both looks to provide distinctiveness, and to say to the world that the woman carrying either of these creations has a sense of grace and elegance. She is independent, able and willing to make a statement about her individuality, and do it with style....





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