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Floral Design Day Is Feb 28th


HI! Welcome to the official "Floral Design Day " page........ This is where it all started. The purpose of this page is to tell you a little about this unique holiday, and it's origins, and to encourage you to celebrate Floral Design Day in your life as well!

Just as flowers bring so much enjoyment and pleasure to people, we hope that this day marking the importance of floral designing as an art form, and floral designers' talents will bring much enjoyment and joy into your life.

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What Is Floral Design Day?

Floral Design Day is a day to celebrate floral design as an art form and a day to appreciate floral designers....

It is celebrated every year on Feb 28th
And was proclaimed by Governor Weld of Massachusetts in 1995.

Floral Design Day Posters...

Here are some neat posters to commemorate "Floral Design Day."



The Background And History of Floral Design Day--Feb 28th


History of Floral Design Day

As someone interested in Floral Art we thought that you would be interested to learn a little bit about Floral Design Day.

The original idea behind Floral Design Day, was an unique way to celebrate a special birthday of Carl Rittner, who founded our school.

Mr. "R" as our students affectionately called him, founded The Rittners School of Floral Design, in Boston, over seventy-five years ago, and was a pioneer in floral art education. Through the years, his humor, patience and wealth of floral industry knowledge have had a marked impact upon thousands of students from all over the globe.

So it was particularly meaningful when Gov. Weld of Massachusetts proclaimed Floral Design Day as part of Mr. Rittner's special birthday celebration.

The idea of a holiday that celebrates floral design as an art form, is a wonderful one whose time has come. And so, Mr. R and the rest of us here at Rittners, wanted to see Floral Design Day continue to be observed as an event in its own right.

Floral design is a proud art form that has spanned thousands of years, with a diversity of styles reflecting varying social, religious, and cultural trends.

Floral art is a very unique art form in that it plays an important role in our social interactions, for decorating, establishing and maintaining relationships, and generally enhancing the overall quality of our lives.......Besides which, making floral designs is a lot of fun and makes us feel good!!

While the holiday started as a way to appreciate floral designing as an art form, there has been an increased recognition that floral designers who practice this art form deserve appreciation as well.

The floral industry is a multibillion dollar industry that brightens our lives at such holidays as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines' Day, Mother's Day & Secretaries Day as well as on an every day basis, and in so doing, contributes to our economy.

Floral designers are amazing, talented and hard working people who practice floral art and by so doing, bring so much good into people’s lives. When we celebrate floral design as an art form we also acknowledge and celebrate floral designers as well.

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Official Proclamation:
Floral Design Day


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
A Proclamation
By His Excellency



WHEREAS Flowers and their design have been appreciated and enjoyed throughout the world since prehistoric times and


WHEREAS Floral design is a unique art form, utilizing natural media and applying such variables as line, balance, color, structure & symbolism, and


WHEREAS Through floral design, individuals are able to express many emotions including love, sympathy, friendship and hope, and


WHEREAS Floral design provides visual pleasure and adds to the observance of personal events, including birth, marriages and deaths and


WHEREAS Floral design fosters creativity, enhances communication and develops perceptual awareness:


Now, therefore I William F. Weld, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts do hereby proclaim February 28th, 1995 as



And urge all the citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.

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Ways to Celebrate

Here are just some of the possible ways to celebrate Floral Design Day!

  • Visit some flower shops. Compare the styles of floral designs and the materials used. How are they similar? How are they different? Compare sites like Avas Flowers to other independently owned flower shop sites and see how their designs and materials differ.

  • Check out some flower shop web sites online. Compare the styles of floral designs and the materials used. How are they similar? How are they different?

  • Go to your local museum. Look for paintings containing flowers and floral art.

  • Make a special effort to bring flowers into your home this month.

  • How about a few flowers for your place of business? Don't they create a nicer environment?

  • Send flowers to someone you love.

  • Take your local florist to lunch.

  • Send flowers to your local florist!!

  • Send flowers to someone you may not be close to. Perhaps the friendship may grow.

  • Give some flowers to your boss.

  • Buy some books with pictures of Floral Art.

  • Try your hand at making a few floral designs yourself. Need a little online help? No problem. Visit the Floral Education Center section of our web site for some free lessons.

  • Take a flower arranging course, or perhaps a class in color or interior design!

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More Great Ideas...

Here are some additional ways to celebrate Floral Design Day suggested by some of our web site's visitors!!!

  • Give Floral Designers in flower shops the day off!! They especially could use it after a holiday such as Valentine's Day!!

  • Provide flower donations to local grade schools and kindergartens and let the kids give flowers to whomever they'd like.

  • Organize field trips to local retail florists.

  • Organize field trips to wholesale florists.

  • A parade with displays of various flowers.

  • A party with floral designers.

  • A written contest describing what makes Floral Design Day special for you!

  • Home parties with special guest speakers/designers.

  • Various displays of home floral arrangements. (my note: Would be great in malls or department stores as well as flower shops, nurseries, window displays, etc.)

Our thanks to Bonnie Geddis and Cojoros, among others, for some of the above additions......

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Do You Have Ideas About Celebrating Floral Design Day?

If So, Let Us Hear From You!!

Email any ideas to Dr. Stephen Rittner. Interesting responses will be posted above!!

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Here are Some Additional Resources That We Thought You May Find of Interest...


Any page that celebrates the art of floral design should give you some pretty photos of floral designs. The Floral Design School that Carl Rittner founded over sixty years ago continues to be a major teaching center for floral art.... So here are two galleries of pretty florals from Rittners Floral School.. Please enjoy!

Everybody loves Freebies! Would you like to have some free publications from Rittners Floral School concerning floral art....Here they are! Enjoy!



But Wait..... There's More!!!!!!!

Here are over one hundred short floral design demonstrations, designing and/or commentating from Carl Rittner's Son, Dr. Steve Rittner, Director of Rittners Floral School!