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HI Welcome to the Rittners Floral School Valentine Resource Center...

At Rittners Floral School in Boston, Ma. we love flowers and floral designing....It isn't just what we do for a living....Teaching about flowers and floral designing and how it can make your life better is our passion.

We are constantly adding new and fun resources to our web site.

We thought it would be fun and useful to add a new and free resource just dealing with Valentine's Day!

We hope you enjoy it!

Valentine's Day Free Videos

Looking for some tips for being romantic with flowers? Want to show your loved one that you care enough to even try your hand at some flower arranging special for him/her? Here are some short videos that we have produced that may help! Five of these videos are very specifically for Valentine's Day.

For Your Convenience:

Free Online Step-by-Step Flower Arrangements

If you prefer lots of photos and printed instruction showing step-by-step how to make flower arrangements, we have plenty in our "Floral Education Center" section of our web site. Not all are uniquely geared to Valentine's themes, but many of these would be appreciated by your loved one.....

Our Valentine Heart Gallery....

Here is a collection of over 50 Hearts created in the contemporary pave style by students at Rittners Floral School.

Here are over 100 expressions of love! A collection of arrangements in heart containers! (The Diamond Line DL-20) ! Isn't it amazing how many designs you can do with a neat container!

Articles/Advice About Valentine's Day

Want some advice about sending flowers? How about specific suggestions for Valentine's Day. Here are some articles by Dr. Stephen Rittner that may be of assistance to you

  • Valentine's Day General Advice for the Consumer
  • Rittners Floral School’s 17 Secrets To Buying Great Floral Gifts On Valentine’s Day
  • 25 Great Books for Valentine's Day (Adults)

  • What is This Thing Called Love?

    I always look forward to Teleflora's Superbowl Ads promoting flowers for Valentine's Day. The Superbowl XLV Ad was in many ways controversial. But it does bring up some interesting issues about the floral designer's role in helping meet people's needs......and underscores the reason for this Valentine Resource Center.

    (The links below will get you to our blog entries for this month. Please scroll down to the entry about the Teleflora Superbowl Ad)

  • Here are our reactions from our blog to this interesting promotional piece!
  • Scroll down this entry to find the 2012 Teleflora Valentine Ad...Another very interesting promotional piece!

    Distance Education Digital Publications.....

    We have over 70 digital publications available for sale. They are like floral design cookbooks that show in great detail, step-by-step, how to make all kinds of floral designs. They provide very detailed instruction and provide lots and lots of photographs....Best of all they are only $12.50 per publication!

    These publications make wonderful gifts for your talented friend(s). They are also very helpful if you want to try your hand at making floral art for your loved one(s).

  • Digital Publications Featuring Romantic Themes
  • Digital Publications Featuring Roses
  • Digital Publications Featuring Linear Vase Arrangements
  • Digital Publications Featuring Extremely Easy Vase Arrangements
  • Digital Publications Featuring Water Based Vase Arrangements

  • The Section of Our Web Site That Lists All Digital Publications and Gives You Access to Our Online Digital Publication Store

  • One Wonderful Gift For Valentine's Day

    Sending a loved one to take a course at Rittners Floral School in Boston is one of the nicest gifts available... You would be giving a gift of creativity, a gift of love, and a gift of rewnewal. It is one of the most unique gifts that you could provide....

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