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Rittners Floral School in Boston has been providing terrific hands-on workshop courses in floral art for over sixty years, making us one of the longest running floral design programs in North America.

But what about "how-to-do-its" that I can buy and do at any time at home or in my flower shop?


Many people...friends, colleagues and just lots of folks who simply love floral art and want to learn more have been asking us if we could provide a way to provide detailed step-by-step instructional material on a variety of subjects in a distance education format. Not the same thing as the hands-on diploma courses at our school, but another kind of floral design educational experience.....Well, we hear you! This section is for you!

Here are all the links you will need to learn more and to buy lessons online:

This link is the most important....To purchase any of these "how-to-do-its" click on: Online Store

The following links will give you all kinds of information:

This very special link will take you to a page where we break down our distance education materials into a variety of categories. If for example you'd like to see which offerings concentrate on table centerpieces, which ones are seasonal designs, which are appropriate for the bride, etc. this page will help you explore that....

We Are So Very Excited About These Digital "How-To-Do-It" Resources!

Digital floral design "cookbooks," available in pdf format, inexpensively priced, and profusely illustrated........Best described as lots of pictures showing step-by-step how to make all kinds of neat floral art, along with detailed instruction. They are easy to download..and easy to access on both Windows and Mac computers...Over seventy-five digital how-to-do-it "floral design cookbooks" now available featuring collectively over one hundred floral designs.....Step-by-step, world class floral art instruction. Huge number of pictures....Inexpensive. Enjoyable. Available to you at any time of day or night at the click of a button! (After you pay for them of course! And they are only $12.50 per digital publication. That's right........$12.50.......... A really great deal!!! Smiling.


All Kinds of Floral Design Instruction On A Wide Variety of Subjects!---Convenient & Inexpensive!


Want to learn how to make incredible floral designs in a water base? Want to know how to make that table centerpiece or bridal bouquet? Curious about advanced party type designing? Looking for an unusual floral piece for a holiday? Don't know much about floral art but would like an easy "how-to-do-it" to play with? Looking for instruction on a topic of interest that you can review at any time in your own home?

These e-books provide tons of photographs and instruction showing step-by-step, in easy to access pdf format, how to make all kinds of floral art! Each one is like a self contained little workshop! Easy to buy and to easy to understand.

And at $12.50 per digital publication you can't go wrong!

Some of these digital floral art "cookbooks" cover one design in great detail. Others teach how to make two three or even more floral designs....

Not sure? Start by buying two or three just to get an idea of what they are all about....And we believe that you will see just how great they are. Then buy more! We feel that you will be as excited about these wonderful distance resources as we are!

Lots of links listed below for both our online store and descriptions of materials available...

Please buy these digital floral design "cookbooks." It will help us update our computer systems and feed the dog....Especially feed the dog. She eats a lot!)




Please feel free to phone Rittners Floral School at 617-267-3824




At Rittners Floral School, we remain commited to being on the cutting edge of floral design education.

At Rittners, we remain committed to giving you the kind of learning experiences that will have you recommending our school to your family and friends........

Our hands-on diploma programs at our school are outstanding... These new distance education materials provide but another kind of resource that works well for many folks.....

It is no wonder that many people say...."If you really want to learn floral designing.... go to Rittners Floral School in Boston...."


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