Boxer Dog
Official Mascot Of
Rittners School of Floral Design

A Mascot is something like a good luck charm.

But just as importantly, a mascot should exemplify the ideals of the organization that it represents.

At Rittners Floral School in Boston, we have chosen the Boxer Dog as our mascot, for we feel that it displays outstanding personality traits, many of which are important for people who plan to be floral artists.

Boxers are well known for being friendly and outgoing. They enjoy people, and being with others. They are intelligent and warm hearted.

They are very optimistic animals and have a very positive zest for life.

They are smart and loyal, and above all quite enthusiastic in all that they do.

Boxers are also very creative in their play, always seeking new and different ways to accomplish things. They can be stubborn, yet at the same time they are quite practical and adaptable.

They are very sensitive unique animals, with very distinctive personalities.

Corporal, Our First Mascot

The school's first mascot was a fellow named Corporal, shown here in his glory!

Besides "sharing" cake, cookies and ice cream with the current owner of the school (then a child), Corporal also enjoyed such athletic pursuits as sailing and getting into the garbage.

Apparently, in spite of his dessert "borrowing" ways we must have liked Corporal, for we went on to have many other boxer dogs, as mascots.

Carrying On the Tradition

Through the history of the school a succession of boxer dogs, Corporal, Pepsi, Tov, Kelley, Marvin, Sugar Ray and Jean Tunney have had the position of official mascot.

We sometimes are able to easily remember the approximate time a student attended our school by asking them the name of the dog at the time...almost like some of those old royal families (Oh...Were you in the Kelley Dynasty or the Corporal Dynasty!! ) Many students will contact us and say, "I was at school when Marvin, Sugar, etc. was there!."

While our mascots don't hang around in the school all the time, they are around occasionally when students feel like greeting them.

Each one of our mascots had very distinct personalities. Marvelous Marvin is shown in the photo to the right. He is the one with big ears!

Meet "Sugar Ray"!

This is a baby picture of Mascot Sugar Ray!!!

Like most boxers he was a very cute puppy. He loved drives in the car, and got quite upset if he didn't get his daily ride. Sugar also especially loved working out and training.

He was quite sociable.

Like all boxers, the puppy grows up!

Oh yes... He's the one on the far right!

Sugar Ray acquired a new friend. Her name was Jean Tunney. She was our last school mascot. You may see the momentous moment when Sugar first met Jeannie in First Encounters of The Boxer Kind.

Our Current Mascots---

Here is a photo of our two latest mascots......They are siblings and incredibly cute! Meet the twins! Dempsey is the one on the left and DavidEdward the one on the right. They are great, great, etc. grand nephews of Sugar Ray, and just as sweet in character! They are quite popular with everyone here at Rittners!