Rittners Floral School Facilities

Contemporary and Geared towards the latest Media Presentation Methods....Yet Placed in a Historical Building and Area With Charm and Character....

The Rittners School of Floral Design is located in the Back Bay which is one of the nicest residential neighborhoods of Boston, near public transportation, shopping centers, theaters, museums, libraries and all of the conveniences.

We are proud of our facilities which are both functional and elegant.

We work hard to provide a facility that has all the contemporary teaching tools, yet feels definitely "non institutional!"

Our facility is fully equipped with a large contemporary floral design laboratory, lecture room, stock rooms and floral refrigeration.

Our Floral Lecture Hall is state of the art with integrated internet access/and group presentation hardware and software. Our Lecture Hall allows us to present the latest web based media, still visuals and videos from online to our students. It also allows presentation of legacy media (such as DVDS, VHS, etc). And better yet..... We can do all of this larger than life in high definition!

Not only are we fully equipped for contemporary presentations but we are very much equipped for 21st Century Media Production. Still floral product photography and post production as well as video production and editing are all within our knowledge and abilities. And we use these resources and skills constantly to produce content that enhances our students' learning. (If you like this web site, well illustrated by some of these resources, then you will definitely enjoy our school!)

Our Floral Lab Space is spacious allowing plenty of room for students to design with flowers. Large built in cabinets, specialized floral sink and all the necessary tools for floral designing are readily at hand....

We offer specialized floral library facilities that form very unique and comprehensive resources for our students, and alumni.

The benefit to you is that when you attend Rittners School of Floral Design, you are not learning in a part time teaching space or an extra room in another kind of business. You are actually learning in a real school of floral art. Yes ... Our roots are multigenerational as a real floral art school, not another kind of business. We are the real thing..

You can be assured that you are learning in a well established and specialized facility. We can be more effective in our floral art education programs because we have a large number of learning resources.


Educational Media and Digital Resources


At Rittners we pioneered the use of instructional technology in the teaching of floral art.

Currently a unique collection of over 175,000 images and videos produced in house are used extensively to illustrate lectures in our Six Month Day Course and Floral Entrepreneurship Seminar. We also use these resources to illustrate teaching points in many of our other programs. Our media materials are used not to replace, but as a supplement to our live presentations and hands-on workshops.

We have great media resources that we integrate into our teaching, but we still believe in live presentations and hands-on practice!

Our very quick computer network and wifi allows us to easily access all kinds of industry supply sources and to share that informtion with our students as well as bringing a world of information into our school.

Our Facebook Page, Pinterest and Flickr pages all allow easy dissemination of a range of information to our students and graduates.

Click here to learn more about Educational Technologies used at Rittners Floral School.

Floral School Library

Our specialized Floral School Library consists of print, digital and floral allied items. In the print area alone it contains over 4,800 volumes which may be consulted on the premises. These deal with floral designing and allied subjects. We are constantly bringing in these resources from all over the planet. Click here to learn more about our library of print and digital resources.

Faculty Development Library

In addition to being skilled floral designers, the faculty of the Rittners School of Floral Design take pride in the fact that we are also professional educators. We use the latest educational techniques, and apply them in our training. The faculty maintains a growing library of over 1000 documents and books in the field of education and design which enable us to be even more effective in our teaching. Click here to learn more about our Faculty Development Library.

Floral Industry Resource File

Our school has been around for multiple generations, and so we have accumulated all kinds of articles, fugitive documents, etc. about floral designing and flower shop management. Our Floral Industry Resource File is a comprehensive file/database and contains many thousands of documents covering over 1000 floral industry subjects.

Container Library

Our school maintains an outstanding collection of hundreds of unusual containers and bases of varied sizes, shapes and styles which add enormously to the breadth and dimension of our teaching. Click here to read more about the various physical objects in our Container Library....


It's no wonder people say, " If you really want to learn floral designing... Go to Rittners Floral School!"