Rittners Day Course in Floral Design And Floral Business Skills

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Our Day Course in Floral Design & Floral Business Skills is our most complete training, and we believe, one of the most comprehensive of its kind, anywhere in the U.S.

  • 500 Hours
  • Starts Once Each Year in mid September.
  • Diploma In Floral Design and Floral Business Practices.

Our Day Course in Floral Design And Floral Business Practices is our flagship program. This is the course that has firmly established our school as one of the finest floral art programs available in the United States. And it remains our most comprehensive and complete training. It provides terrific value to those enrolled!

Although people take this course to learn money making skills, it is definitely a program that many people take to reduce stress, further a hobby or to simply get out and have a great time..In other words, it is both practical and recreational.

Our Day Class consists of both Floral Designing & Floral Business Practices.

The floral design segment of this program consists of two periods. The first is a lecture/demonstration period by the faculty. It is followed by a lab period in which the student, working with fresh flowers, performs under the guidance of the staff. While theory is by no means neglected, the student is given the maximum amount of time for individual achievement through actual hands-on designing. Individual achievement is the keynote of our curriculum. Each student personally masters each floral design and takes home every single completed floral piece. Approximately 100 distinctive designs of a wide range of types and descriptions are personally mastered by each student as they progress through the course. At Rittners Floral School, you don't just learn about floral designing. You design each and every day you are here...

And then you get to take your designing home to earn bragging rights with your family and friends!

The Day Course starts simply, but progresses into advanced floral art. Thus, this course may be considered a combination elementary, intermediate and advanced course in floral design.

We are often asked, "Do you need prior floral art background to take this course?" The answer is no. Although some of our students definitely come to us with some designing background, it is not required. Beginners feel quite comfortable.

And yes we do have some people take this course just for fun, relaxation and recreation. In fact many graduates of this program have told us that this is one of the most fun experiences they have ever enjoyed!

We start the course assuming that the student has no prior floral design background and build from there.

Now let's talk a little bit about the kinds of designing taught in our Day Course.

Floral Designing

The Day Course concentrates on designing in many areas. It includes detailed hands-on workshop instruction in the following general areas..... Wedding Designs, Vase Arrangements, Sympathy Designs, Christmas Decorations, Flowers To Wear and Flower Novelties. Party Floral Art, large & impressive is included in our Day Class Curriculum. But that is just the beginnning! Within this general framework, students are presented with a dynamic and exciting program......

The range of floral designing presented in the Day Course is simply awesome!

Designing ranging from classical to cutting edge is covered because the demands of the market require the contemporary floral artist to be comfortable mastering such a wide variety of skills.

Students in our Day Course become familiar with such concepts as parallelism, new convention designing, pave, mille de fleur, multi level floral art, and modular floral designing. Basing, binding, armature technique as part of multiple approaches to waterbased designing, unit floral art, personalized floral approaches, the integration of balloons into floral design, creative uses of styrofoam products for customized designs, are but a few of areas of contemporary floristry that students master.

Application of both Eastern and European technique for the American market, incorporating various gift items into floral designs and creative integration of tropical flowers into floral art are some of the other areas covered.

An exciting array of floral art, from the huge hotel lobby type centerpiece, to topiary and Euro-style spiral hand tied bouquets, to even pool float designs are mastered by our students. Various mechanics ranging from glue to wired and taped approaches are stressed.

Students learn high style designing, and even deconstructed and reconstructed flower techniques that can produce glamorous and quite expensive bouquet bridal designs.

Some of the above descriptions and terminology may seem rather technical but please don't fuss. The reason you are coming to Rittners is to learn a wide variety of styles, techniques and approaches to floral art. These terms may seem alien now, but by the time you finish our course you will feel very comfortable with these design concepts and many many more!

One of the advantages of taking the Day Course is that our students also enjoy the change of the seasons and the associated floral designing. Because the Day Course starts in the fall and ends in the spring, students learn specialized floral art for a wide variety of holidays. Specialized floral art for Halloween are taught. Students enjoy creating designs specifically geared towards Thanksgiving such as the Cornucopia. A large number of specific techniques and approaches unique to Christmas Designing are mastered. We also enjoy creating unique designs for Valentine's Day, Easter and St. Patrick's Day. No other program that we offer enjoys this kind of range of holiday expression.

The bottom line is that at Rittners Floral School you benefit from a history of over sixty years of outstanding teaching of floral art. We obviously know what we are doing, and we are very good at helping you master floral designing, even if you have never touched a flower before in your life!

Our Day Course has long been well known for its emphasis upon detail and excellence. With this kind of dynamic curriculum, it is no wonder that many folks say,....."If you really want to learn floral designing, go to Rittners Floral School in Boston!"

Be prepared to bring home beautful creations that will be the envy of all of your friends & relatives!!!

But wait there's more!!!!........

If you take our Six Month Day Course, you learn more than floral designing! There is also a Floral Business Practices segment of the course as well! That's where you will learn how to profit from your design skills!

The interesting thing about the Management part of the Sept Six Month Day Course is that it includes such things as history, legend and lore of a huge range of flowers marketed in flower shops, design theory, color theory, how to book weddings and more.

In other words, it is a pretty lively and interesting segment of the program. Even folks who have taken the Six Month Day Course for recreational and social purposes have told us that with our unique methods of teaching and approach that the Floral Business Subjects part of the course turned out to be amazingly fascinating and fun!

  • Day Class Management part of our Day Course discusses the floral business practices segment of our Day Class in more detail.


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