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If you have any questions regarding Rittners Floral School, please contact Dr. Steve Rittner

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Tel: 617-267-3824

Many people these days try to get all their information by texting/email. We think it's a mistake. You can't really interact as well with multiple emails back and forth.

The phone may be older media, but it really does allow you to ask questions & get a lot more information quickly & efficiently. We think it's the best way to contact us to find out what program will work best for you and to answer your questions & concerns.

We actually enjoy chatting with folks with questions about our various programs. And at Rittners you actually get to talk with one of the owners of the school, not just office staff. Our approach is relaxed and informal--No pressure.

(Should you reach a machine it means that we are teaching a class, or talking on the phone. But don't fuss....We promise....You won't get stuck with one of those systems that make you work through menus. We return calls fairly quickly within a reasonable amount of time! )

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Rittners School of Floral Design
345 Marlborough St.
Boston, Ma. 02115


Thank you for contacting us!!




Lots of Great Free Floral Design Resources------Over 5000 Original Photos of florals in Albums!!

(Wow, I get tired even thinking of all the work to make those and put them up online!!)

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