A Concentrated Course In Floral Design @ Rittners Floral School....
What's In It For Me?


So you are considering taking our Concentrated Course in Floral Design? " What's in it for me?" you ask....There are three important and very practical reasons to take our Concentrated Course in Floral Designing.......

  • Have Some Well Deserved Fun and Reduce Stress
  • Enjoy the Gratification That Comes From Making Other People Happy....
  • Learn Skills That Can Help You Earn More Money


Have Some Well Deserved Fun and Reduce Stress.....

Stressed? Have plenty of anxiety in your life? You have plenty of company. Between work and family issues we all feel stressed. And then we listen to the news media and feel even more uptight as the reporters provide the doom and gloom of the popular 'crisis of the day!'

Stress can make you sick. It can shorten peoples' lives...

Enough already! Everyone needs a break. A time to sit back, relax and have some fun.

I've got news for you.

Fun isn't just important for kids. Even adults need some R&R.

A nice relaxing Course in Floral Designing at Rittners Floral School will help you play again......

It will bring creativity into your life, and help you gain perspective.

You will meet other nice people and enjoy the social aspect of the course.......Friendships are often made that last a lifetime....

Most importantly a course at Rittners Floral School will allow you to recharge your creative juices so that you can better deal with the everyday stuff!

We work hard so that you will have a great time. Our students tell us that taking a course at Rittners Floral School is one of the nicest things they have ever done for themselves.....

At Rittners Floral School, we are not just providing you with a floral design course. We are providing you with a wonderful and fun experience!

Enjoy The Gratification That Comes In Making People Happy With Your Floral Designing....

Want to make the world a better place? You can do it with flowers, one person at a time.

Flowers make people happy! We've always known that. But now there have even been scientific studies that confirm that flowers can have a positive effect upon moods, can decrease anxiety, and made spaces more welcoming. Flowers help reduce depression, increase happiness and positive moods, and encourage sociability.

We call the floral field, "the feel good field." You make beautiful things and feel good. But just as importantly, you make other people feel better when you share those flowers with them!

There is immense gratification when people appreciate things you make and feel better because of your floral design skills.

Our Concentrated Course in floral design will help give you the floral design skills you need to make people feel better with beautiful floral art--And in turn that makes you feel great too!

Learn Skills That Can Help YOU Earn More Money

Who doesn't want to earn more money?

The advantage of learning professional floral designing skills is that you will learn how to make all kinds of beautiful things that you may sell to family, friends and members of your community--and profit!

You may want to open your own business.

Alternatively you may want to work out of your home or after work by appointment doing parties and weddings......Be as busy as you want to be! Or even open a retail location.......Or learn professional skills that you may decide to use as a backup at some future time.

Our Concentrated Course In Floral Design gives you the necessary professional floral designing skills....... It gives you money making skills to effectively make beautiful floral art for important events in peoples' lives. In addition to learning all kinds of floral designing you will learn about wholesale sources of supply, how professionals condition their flowers, and how to price your floral art for profit.

Perhaps you have a job that is stable at the present time. Taking a course that could give you practical, professional skills is a smart move to possibly protect yourself in the future..... A few years from now, practical money making skills in a new field may come in handy.

A Floral Design Course at Rittners Floral School is very practical. You will enjoy it, but it also helps to give you money making options... It empowers YOU!

And at Rittners Floral School, we have the specialized educational facility and resources, the educational know-how, the experience, and the motivation, to be able to assemble the kind of program, exceptional in content, and entertaining in presentation to help you achieve these goals...