Summer Watermelon Vase Arrangement II Contemporary Style


Enjoy floral designing during the summer!

Summer means different things for different people. For some it means summer sports. For others it means sitting by the pool. For others it mean summer parties....with beautiful floral art.

A floral design stylized in a watermelon is a great expression of summer party fun.....

Enjoy a beautiful arrangement created in a watermelon base. In a previous video we presented a flower arrangement in a watermelon that was classical and opulent.

Folks sometimes ask, "Is there a Rittners Floral School Style of floral designing?" We believe that there are many different styles in floral designing and that a good floral designer should be able to change styles at will for different customer needs.

In this demonstration, we deliberately change styles from the approach used in the first arrangement in a watermelon base... The approach in this video is contemporary. It shows how we can create totally different looks in the same container....




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