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Think Out Of The Box In Your Flower Selections


Welcome to the Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, Massachusetts.

At Rittners Floral School, in Boston, we enjoy teaching a wide variety of styles of floral art, ranging from classical to contemporary and even cutting edge.

So what is the theme of this video demonstration? Well, it's in response to an all too common problem that floral designers sometimes encounter...

It is easy to fall into a rut when designing with flowers on a daily basis. How can floral artists come up with a new and different look?

When designing with flowers, it's sometimes useful to think outside the box, and mix combinations of flowers that you would not normally consider. Doing this can open up some really neat possibilities in your designing.

This video features a contemporary arrangement where we combine gardenias--not normally considered in a vase arrangement with equisetum, protea, and roses. In using this combination we create a really neat looking floral design!

We do hope that you enjoy this latest addition to the Rittner Floral School Video Collection.

(And, hey, if you enjoyed and learned a lot in this brief demonstration think of how much more you would enjoy and learn by taking one of our great hands-on workshop courses!)

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