Steve Jobs Flower Tribute:



We have noted with sadness the passing of Steve Jobs. Too young. Too soon.

There were many things I admired about the man. As a teacher, I enjoyed his presentations. Just watching the guy “do his thing” on a platform with an audience was wonderful to behold. He had a passion for changing the world with wonderful technology. He was a master at communicating and sharing his passion.

Jobs’ concern with the importance of design has become legend. But for me, a person who works in a design profession, it is profoundly meaningful. Everything, for better or worse is “designed.” Designing things that are attractive and work well has become a signature part of the Apple DNA. But Jobs’ concern with simplicity and elegance in design has also had a dramatic impact upon the way consumers view designed things in general (as well as technology).

There are many other things I admired about Jobs.

His ability to attract and motivate talented, creative people like Jonathan Ive is critical to Apple’s success (And that is a message to anyone running a company. Have very capable, creative people around you.) Ive is but one example. Apple is blessed with a huge number of very talented, capable, and creative people.

And then there are the marvelous toys Jobs and his team gave us.... Technologies that have literally transformed industries. Technologies that empower individuals. Technologies that are really fun to use. Ask anyone in a creative field, and you will get a very passionate reaction. 

The way I practice photography, enjoy music, create videos, express myself in print, communicate to friends, family and clients, and even keep business records are all affected daily by Jobs' vision and approach. People just love using Apple products. They enable people to follow their own vision... And if you don't use Apple products, even the design of what you are using has been influenced by Jobs and Co.

Some years ago, Jobs talked at Stanford University. In his comments he urged his audience to follow their own directions, and to have the strength of their convictions to follow their heart and intuition. To me following your passion is a very important part of living a meaningful and fulfilled life. So many people end up in dead end jobs that they hate. My students often come to me because they want to follow their passion, floral designing. And a large part of what I do, is to help folks learn the skills that will enable them to follow their passions about floral art. I consider that to be a sacred undertaking.

It has been said that one lives on in in the good that one does, and in the number of lives one touches. If that is so, Steve is still with us. Steve Jobs helped to create the future. He left the world a better place. His legacy will continue to live on in all of us.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, the apple community, and those who were touched by his passions and vision....



Oh, And One More Thing......




Smiles... Just couldn't help myself...

We look at every image of floral art that we place online as an opportunity to follow our passion, which is to teach floral designing...

The apple illustrated in the first two images reflects the earlier apple that was popular when I first started playing with Apple products. I like that particular version. It is kind of like "comfort food" for me. It is more colorful then many we see now. It also is a little more challenging to create from a floral design point of view, which makes it appealing to me....

Nonetheless, it is now the 21st Century, and therefore we just had to include an apple decorated in a less conservative manner!

This apple illustrated here reflects a very contemporary pave style. It is rather wild, and incorporates not only miniature carnations, and statice, but also full sized carnations, daisy poms, novelty green poms, several kinds of berries (including rose hips), glad florets, bamboo, curly willow, hydrangea and spanish moss!

Very 21st Century!

A new century.. .. Great new Apple technologies.......... Great new ideas in floral art and designing..........