GO SOX!!!!

Some of you viewing this page may be from New England.....

Many of you may be from out of town.

In the Boston area, people take their sports very seriously!

They watch the games. They scream at the officials. They take it very, very personally.

If you are from another area, you may have terrific teams that you enjoy watching and supporting. That's fine!! Supporting your local team is great, no matter where that team is from..... (Well, almost no matter where.....Laughing)

But here in Boston, win or lose, the Red Sox Rule!

You have to understand the history of the thing.

After the unfortunate trade of Babe Ruth, our beloved Red Sox were unable to win the World Series for 86 years!

Not for lack of trying, however.

People started to talk of a "curse."

It was depressing.

Fenway Park is only about a twenty minute walk from our school. Can you imagine watching the loyal fans, year in and year out, wander by our they experienced the agony of defeat? (Not to mention our family and the staff of our school?)

Theologians debated. Philosophers pondered.....Newspaper folks wrote columns and editorials....Teachers argued whether these events should be discussed in the classroom or whether special counseling should be provided to the youth of Boston and New England......

Finally, the Red Sox won it!

Little children rejoiced. Grown men cried. It was an event of epic proportions!

Now that the so-called "curse" is gone, let's move on to even more wins!

We salute the Red Sox, the players and management for having a lot of heart and for providing us with endless thrills and chills through the years.

We also salute those gallant fans, "Red Sox Nation" for their loyalty and for never, ever, giving up on their dreams.