Summer Fun Course 2009 @ Rittners Floral School

The ancient Celts celebrated the summer solstice with bonfires and dancing. The Chinese marked summer as the time for the festival of Li, the Goddess of light… At Rittners Floral School in Boston we celebrate summer each year with a terrific Summer Fun Course in Floral Designing….. This year the dates are from July 27 through Aug. 14th. Every day Mon through Friday, over a three week period.dsc_00042worked

I get so very excited about this program because it is a great course.  Our Summer Fun Program is an intensive floral art experience!  The students get detailed and in depth hands-on workshops in a huge variety of floral design skills and techniques! Students master a wide range of floral art from table centerpieces to bridal bouquets to  avante-garde designing under the water level!  We provide all of the flowers, containers, supplies and materials! You bring your enthusiasm and creativity! And you take home each and every floral design that you make!

The course is quite practical. It starts simply assuming no prior floral design background but includes intermediate and advanced skills. While people take our Summer Course for fun, rest and relaxation, it is a diploma program that includes professional floral art skills. Having fun and at the same time learning practical  professional level skills? Wow!!!!!  It doesn’t get any better than that!

But I get even more excited about this program because it attracts some really wonderful folks……… An executive who needs a well deserved break and time out from work……A homemaker with a husband and five kids who can get away for a short time (but knows that her house will blow up if she’s away too long!)  An entrepreneurial type who plans to open a flower shop,  or someone who intends to use floral art, working out of her basement, to bring in some welcomed extra income by going after parties and weddings…..Someone  who already has a career but is seeking a back-up career in a changing economy…..  A school teacher or health care professional  who want to connect with their creative sides……I can go on and on! The backgrounds of our students are fascinating and diverse, and we really  enjoy having people attend this program from all over the country and  even from overseas as well!  Friendships are often made that last a lifetime!

The ultimate compliment that we constantly hear…. “Wow……Rittners Floral School is a school…But it doesn’t feel like a school. It’s fun!”

Once we fill the limited spaces available, we close enrollment.  So if you are really interested in taking this program, please don’t delay. If you have any questions please phone Dr. Steve Rittner @617-267-3824

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