Let’s Stop And Smell the Roses!!!

I love teaching all the various techniques and styles of floral designing, but once in a while, there is one style or approach that I particularly enjoy sharing. Such was the case in yesterday’s Day Class in Floral Design. The lesson was a Dutchess Flower, in particular the Dutchess Rose.

I love teaching this one. The Dutchess Rose is a composite flower. That means that it is a large flower that is created by hand using the petals of many flowers. It is a labor intensive design. It is also an expensive design as it uses a lot of petals. It can be carried as a wedding bouquet or incorporated into more complex wedding bouquets. Not all floral designers want to deal with this one. Not all are capable of doing one of these. I am particularly happy that the current crop of students at Rittners Floral School Day Class are very talented. They were ready for this advanced design and attacked it with their customary flair and enthusiasm! The results were awesome!

The bottom line is that I believe that flowers, floral products, services and floral designing enhances peoples lives in many ways….I believe that floral designing can and should be used to make people happy. It should be used to make their environments and events in their lives special. That is our whole reason for being. It underlies everything we do and teach at Rittners Floral School. This means that  I feel just as happy when teaching cutting edge floral art or classical techniques. Either supports our premise that floral design as an art can and should have positive social impact.

I get great gratification when I teach wonderful people who in turn can do great things with flowers and floral art. The Dutchess flower is a good example of one of many techniques that my students will take away with them as they go out into the world to make peoples’ lives better through floral designing.

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