Back To School–Flowers For The Teacher—With Apples–Part Two

It’s back to school time and Boston where our school is located is rocking!
But what kind of floral art can we provide for that great teacher?

In this video, the second part of our “flowers for the teacher” presentation we focus on the apple as symbol. We show a number of wonderful floral ideas for the teacher incorporating apples. ENJOY!

Note: Some apples are picked into these arrangements. We strongly recommend that the recipient of the arrangement be told NOT to eat any apples with picks placed into them. Those particular apples are for decorative use only-not eating. Instead provide the recipient with loose unpicked apples to enjoy….

Quick And Easy Lilac and Viburnum Flower Arranging

We normally associate the spring with flowers like daffodils and tulips, but there are other wonderful flowering materials available at this time.

In this video you will see just how easy it is to play with lilacs and viburnum for wonderful florals for your home or office.

At Rittners Floral School we believe that anyone can create floral designing. We love to teach how floral art can be quick and easy! This video is a good example. Enjoy! And from all of us at Rittners Floral School, have fun incorporating these ideas into your own floral designing!

Large Contemporary St Patrick’s Day Vase Arrangement


We all too often associate St Patrick’s Day vase arrangements with classical mounds of carnations and poms. There is not necessarily anything wrong with that approach. People love it. It provides great value.

But as floral designers we can do so much more.

In this video we show how you can use a black container, and some upscale materials to create a contemporary floral piece for St Patrick’s Day with lots of appeal…

At Rittners Floral School we believe that anyone can create floral designing. We love to teach how floral art can be quick and easy! This video is a good example. Enjoy! And from all of us at Rittners Floral School, have fun incorporating these ideas into your own floral designing!

Free E-Book Featuring Floral Design Turkeys!

Happy Thanksgiving holiday.

We hope that you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday.

To show our appreciation for your support we thought you might enjoy a FREE  e-book with a large number of inspirational photos of floral design turkeys!

This e-book is very much a group effort with designs from both staff and students at Rittners Floral School. It features over 50 floral turkeys!!! We are excited to be able to make this available for your enjoyment.

Best of all it is free.

You may download it at:


How To Make A Fantastic Thanksgiving/Fall Centerpiece From Rittners Floral School

Fall is a wonderful season of the year. What bright and cheerful colors! What wonderful fall holidays!

Fall is also a time for entertaining, and a great table centerpiece can really enhance your home.

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, the ability to make something gorgeous yet contemporary is certainly helpful.

We hope that you enjoy this addition to the Rittners Floral School Video Series.

Fun With Equisetum From Rittners Floral School

At Rittners Floral School in Boston, Ma., we take pride in using all kinds of neat botanicals in our floral art…

Recently our Day Course students have been playing with Equisetum.

Equisetum is one of those amazing materials that seems unassuming and harmless……. Yet you will be amazed at how much impact it can have on your floral designing….

The use of equisetum is one of the “tricks of the trade” and we are happy to share it with you… Try some Equisetum in your floral art for new and different looks!


Free Video of Halloween Vase Arrangements From Rittners Floral School

At Rittners Floral School, in Boston, we enjoy teaching a wide variety of styles of floral art, ranging from classical to contemporary and even cutting edge.

In this video the subject is Halloween.

Halloween is a great holiday. The rich colors and unique symbolism of the holiday are wonderful to behold.

In this brief inspirational video we explore how to take some very specific thematic elements of the holiday and integrate them with fall materials to come up with beautiful vase arrangements that can enhance your home.


Free Inspirational Video From Rittners Floral School—-Simple Halloween Centerpieces

It’s fall in New England, and we at Rittners Floral School in Boston are thrilled to present this inspirational video, “Simple Halloween Centerpieces.”

Flowers and florals in holiday colors are a wonderful way to enhance your home and help bring about the holiday theme. In this video we show some examples of non scary vase arrangements that create the Halloween theme primarily through the use of color.



Kudos To The Rittners Floral School Summer Class of 2011!

They represented five different states!

These are the kind of floral design students I love….. Intelligent, ambitious, full of vigor and energy, and eager to learn!

Their goal was to accomplish in a matter of weeks, what some of our other classes take considerably longer periods of time to achieve.

They came every morning, and many weekday afternoons. They worked hard, persisted, and learned new and exotic techniques!

They played with flowers ranging from the standards like carnations and fuji poms to roses, liatris, dendrobiums, larkspur, hydrangea, trick dianthus and even viburnum berries!

They had a great time both in school and out.

Some enjoyed sightseeing in the Boston area. Many experimented with our wonderful restaurants and local cuisine!

They astounded their family and friends close by and from a distance with the wonderful floral art that they created.

Our congratulations to this dedicated group! It was a real pleasure sharing the art of floral design with you!

(PS: I love the container! Thanks!!)

Quick And Easy Floral Designing With Allium–From Rittners Floral School

Allium is a wonderful flower. It is big. It is impressive. And it doesn’t require many to create an impressive floral design.

In this video we show how to create several floral pieces, quickly and easily, using this remarkable botanical.

From all of us here at Rittners Floral School in Boston, Enjoy!