Those Amazing Flowers of June From Rittners Floral School

Normally we associate June with florals like roses and hydrangea.

But there are some marvelous botanicals available to the floral designer who is willing and able to step out of the box. Incredible resources like viburnum, willow, alliums and eremurus.

In this inspirational video we explore some of “The Amazing Flowers of June.” Enjoy!

Free Guide To Floral Designing With Pennycress

Pennycress is a wonderful material that can be used in just about any kind of floral designing… It is linear. It is a filler. It can transform an everyday design into something unusual and different. It is great stuff.

For your viewing enjoyment, here is a free ebook —A Guide to Floral Designing With Pennycress….

You may download it at:


Allium Poodle Dog From Rittners Floral School



Those of you who are our graduates know that Dr. Steve loves to create flower novelties. In fact, one reason many people take our various diploma classes is that we routinely incorporate flower novelties as part of our instruction into all of our diploma courses……

One of the lovely parts of designing with flowers during the spring is that we get easy access to all kinds of incredible spring botanicals…

These would include of course daffodils, tulips and iris…

But there are so many other wonderful materials that are available at this time of year…. Viburnum, lilacs and yes, one of my personal favorites… Allium!

So we hope that you enjoy this cute little pet made from only four allium flowers….

Awesome Short Evening Course to start May 22nd at Rittners Floral School


Whenever I talk about  any course that we offer, I usually will comment that it is awesome (or words to that effect!) But I really mean it. I am proud of each and every one of the courses that we offer here at Rittners Floral School, as I am the folks who take them!

All of our courses are carefully designed for very specific consumer needs (not staff’s egos). In fact, some students have told me that one reason they are attracted to our school is that they can see that orientation.

Our Short Evening Course is a good example of that. We are offering it only once*** this season, starting May 22nd. It is designed specifically for folks who have asked us for a floral art course that features professional floral design content, yet is at night, is very short duration, and is as reasonably priced as possible.

This program meets that criteria. In fact, to our knowledge it is the most reasonably priced program of its kind in the region.

The advantages of this course for you are many—

It is at night making it an easy course to attend if you have job commitments or other obligations during the daytime.

It is short, which appeals to complex work and lifestyle schedules.

It is very reasonably priced which appeals to the pocketbook…..

Get out, have fun and meet some new people. Learn practical floral designing skills…. Enjoy the great teaching that our school is known for!

If you want to take a professional level course, and get the basics quickly and easily you can’t beat this one!

It is starting May 22nd, and is now filling.  I  have a limited number of spaces still available. If you are interested in this one, give me a call at 617-267-3824

Happy Floral Design Day 2012

Feb 28th is Floral Design Day.

Floral Design Day was proclaimed by Governor Weld in 1995. It was originally intended to celebrate a special birthday of Carl Rittner, the founder of The Rittners Floral School in Boston.

Rittners Floral School in Boston is one of the first private modern floral design schools in North America. Carl Rittner introduced the application of modern educational techniques and theory to teaching floral art as an art form, over sixty years ago. The standard way of learning floral designing up to that time was through lengthy and often unpleasant apprenticeship approaches. (Some unfortunate souls still try to learn floral designing that way!)

What better way to celebrate Carl Rittner’s life and accomplishments than by a holiday celebrating floral designing. But the holiday has evolved beyond a birthday celebration…. Floral design as an art has developed for thousands of years, and in the context of the 21st Century, is more vibrant and varied than ever, with an even greater assortment of tools, approaches and techniques available to the floral designer today than ever before. It is certainly worthy to celebrate as an art.

Regardless of changes that occur in our society the natural beauty and appeal of flowers is still as strong as ever. Their design can can be both intricate and incredibly enjoyable….. Viewing and enjoying their design is quite satisfying. And there is still a difference between a floral designer who really knows what s/he is doing, and the hobbyist who simply drops a few stems into a vase and poses.

Floral art remains an incredibly vital and dynamic way to express feelings and to shape space and create atmosphere. Important events in our life such as courtship and marriage and the various holidays of the year, rely upon floral designers to make them extra special.

An impressive body of knowledge  has been accumulating, proving empirically that flowers are not just a luxury. Indeed, they have very tangible benefits for human well being such as decreasing anxiety, reducing depression, and making people feel so much better. At Rittners Floral School we have found that even the process of learning floral designing can be therapeutic in its own right…..

In our opinion the the need for floral art to bring about positive social good remains stronger than ever before.

Best of all, floral designing is fun!

We wish you a very happy Floral Design Day 2012

Fun Valentine’s Designs at Rittners Floral School


One of the neat things about my job at Rittners Floral School is that I get to work with so many talented people, both staff and students. Our whole philosophy at Rittners is based on providing the techniques and skills to enable our grads to create their vision and to fulfill that of their clients. And to provide great value!

The designing created at our flower school  goes from one extreme to the other, from classical to bleeding edge……….

We especially enjoy holiday periods………

This year to celebrate Valentine’s Day all of us have been quite busy at Rittners over the past several weeks, creating many different kinds of floral art, ranging from water based to high style…… Click here to see over one hundred designs in a heart shape container  and lots of pave hearts.

Enjoy! And we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

Teleflora 2012 Superbowl Commercial–Rittners Floral School Verdict– A Winner!

Critics may say that Teleflora is suggesting trading flowers for sex in their Valentine’s 2012 Commercial.  But I think that is definitely too uptight a reaction.

Smart marketers point out the benefits of their products. Teleflora is definitely showing one possible benefit of their Valentine offering. Did you really expect them to point out how the Valentine’s Day flowers complement the interior decor of someone’s home or how they smell good?

True to Teleflora’s formula of tasteful, understated ads with substance (said with a twinkle in my eyes) , I found this ad to be sexy,  a little naughty and definitely  a lot of fun! Definitely a winner. Hope it translates into lots of sales.