Can Plants Make Our Homes Healthier?

In the past, I’ve mentioned wonderful research that is currently being done that suggests that flowers and floral products reduce anxiety and depression and generally enhance human well being. I believe that these studies are both essential and wonderful, because they really take flowers and floral design out of the “frivolous” and “luxury” categories and put them into the essential category. Flowers and floral designs are not just pretty things that we can buy when we feel like we have a few extra dollars available to spend. They are elements of our surroundings that can enhance our lives and make us feel better. They are a relatively inexpensive way to enhance our psychological frame of mind. They are essential for our mental health.

Dr.  B.C. Wolverton has approached the health aspects of floral product from a different and equally wonderful angle. With decades of research, some of it conducted by NASA, he has been exploring the whole issue of  the air quality of the environments in which we live and work. His work shows how plants can play a major role purifying air and improving it’s quality. In an age where we increasingly hear of  ’indoor air pollution’ due to the various substances used in our furnishings and interior finishes, and we are increasingly concerned with ‘sick building syndrome’  these studies are significant.

If humans are ever to travel in deep space, or put colonies in places like the moon or underseas, these studies and their findings become critical.

How To Grow Fresh Air: 50 Houseplants That Purify Your Home Or Office (Penguin Publisher) is one of my favorite books in Rittners Floral School Library.  Dr. Wolverton gives a general overview of the environmental health benefits of plants and presents information about 50 houseplants that have been tested for their environmental benefits. Information about maintenance, and ease of growth, etc. is also provided. There is some discussion of hydroculture, and it’s role in the process. I would have liked even more clarification and information about that aspect of the process.

The book is very attractive with lovely illustrations. Best of all, it distills a lot of great information in a very easy to read and access format.

In my opinion, the floral industry should pick up on this data and use it for more aggressive marketing of floral products that  make our surroundings healthier.

This books is a must own. If you want to live an a healthier environment, this is a wonderful guidebook to show you how.

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