Awesome Summer Fun Floral Course At Rittners Floral School Starts July 25th

This course is ( as we say in Boston… ) wicked awesome!!!

Our passsion for teaching floral designing here at Rittners Floral School in Boston, MA. definitely shows in this exciting diploma program.

This one is designed for folks who come to us and say, “I want a terrific course in floral designing….I need to learn it quickly because I’ve got a spouse and five kids and the house will blow up if I am away too long!! … or “I only get vacation time for a few weeks, and I need something that will really teach me floral art during that time, so that I can get back to my job/life, etc….”

We only offer this intense Three Week Workshop once each year, this season from July 25-Aug 12th.

One major obstacle that folks encounter when trying to learn floral art quickly, is that all too often short programs are presented a la carte in piecemeal sections. That can be confusing and more costly over time. Not so in this program. This course is designed specifically for folks who would like a well organized, well thought out and well planned program teaching floral art skills in a format of short duration. It is one of our most popular courses and attracts folks from all over the country.

Although it starts simply assuming no prior background it is very practical as it includes intermediate and even advanced floral skills.

I especially look forward to teaching this course each year.

Have some well deserved fun and learn practical money making skills in this hands-on workshop floral art course. No prior background is necessary.

Amaze your friends,family and acquaintances with the gorgeous floral art that you will bring home! Earn bragging rights. Make them all envious!

Only a couple of spaces are still available. If you are interested, call Dr. Steve at 617-267-3824

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