Quick And Easy Floral Designing Using Floralgrids

One of the biggest problems with floral designing in water based media is the issue of control. How do you tastefully arrange your flowers so that they will look nice, and yet control the angle of placement when the water itself is sloshing around? ….. Many solutions have been proposed through the years.

At Rittners Floral School we believe that floral designing should be quick,and easy. The folks at floralgrid have sent us some wonderful materials to play with that make floral art in water based media, quick easy and fun.

We hope you enjoy this floral demonstration from Rittners Floral School in Boston, MA. and use these materials to make your own floral designing, quick, easy and fun!

Flower Arrangements For July 4th– From Rittners Floral School

July 4th or Independence Day means different things to different folks. For some it is the historical significance. For others it is a day for parties and celebration. Regardless, flowers and floral designs may enhance your celebrations or those of your floral customers.

In this inspirational video we show ten floral designs appropriate to the holiday theme. Sit back. Eat those barbecued goodies and Enjoy!

Along with the many July 4th still photos on our Facebook page, you have quite a lot of floral ideas from which to draw for this neat holiday.