Awesome Short Evening Course to start May 22nd at Rittners Floral School


Whenever I talk about  any course that we offer, I usually will comment that it is awesome (or words to that effect!) But I really mean it. I am proud of each and every one of the courses that we offer here at Rittners Floral School, as I am the folks who take them!

All of our courses are carefully designed for very specific consumer needs (not staff’s egos). In fact, some students have told me that one reason they are attracted to our school is that they can see that orientation.

Our Short Evening Course is a good example of that. We are offering it only once*** this season, starting May 22nd. It is designed specifically for folks who have asked us for a floral art course that features professional floral design content, yet is at night, is very short duration, and is as reasonably priced as possible.

This program meets that criteria. In fact, to our knowledge it is the most reasonably priced program of its kind in the region.

The advantages of this course for you are many—

It is at night making it an easy course to attend if you have job commitments or other obligations during the daytime.

It is short, which appeals to complex work and lifestyle schedules.

It is very reasonably priced which appeals to the pocketbook…..

Get out, have fun and meet some new people. Learn practical floral designing skills…. Enjoy the great teaching that our school is known for!

If you want to take a professional level course, and get the basics quickly and easily you can’t beat this one!

It is starting May 22nd, and is now filling.  I  have a limited number of spaces still available. If you are interested in this one, give me a call at 617-267-3824

Happy Easter Everyone, from Rittners Floral School


We love Easter. Easter is an interesting holiday in that it has both religious as well as secular aspects to it.

For me Easter represents the rebirth and renewal of nature.

After a long winter, the rebirth of nature is a joyous event! We celebrate it in our gardens, in the beautiful blooming of the trees in the lovely residential neighborhood in which our school is located, and in the surprises that we find in our gardens.

But on a deeper level, Easter also represents new beginnings. Not only renewal of nature but also a renewal of one’s life and existence.  I have many people attend our Floral School in Boston who are seeking new directions in their life. For some it is a new career. For others it is a way of reducing stress and having some well deserved fun. I not only teach floral designing. I am involved in helping people renew their lives using an art involving the natural media of flowers. 

Easter = renewal. Renewal of nature. Renewal of one’s self….. Renewal of one’s dreams…

All of us here at Rittners Floral School in Boston wish you a very happy Easter  and spring renewal!