Free E-Book Featuring Floral Design Turkeys!

Happy Thanksgiving holiday.

We hope that you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday.

To show our appreciation for your support we thought you might enjoy a FREE  e-book with a large number of inspirational photos of floral design turkeys!

This e-book is very much a group effort with designs from both staff and students at Rittners Floral School. It features over 50 floral turkeys!!! We are excited to be able to make this available for your enjoyment.

Best of all it is free.

You may download it at:


How To Make A Fantastic Thanksgiving/Fall Centerpiece From Rittners Floral School

Fall is a wonderful season of the year. What bright and cheerful colors! What wonderful fall holidays!

Fall is also a time for entertaining, and a great table centerpiece can really enhance your home.

With Thanksgiving coming up soon, the ability to make something gorgeous yet contemporary is certainly helpful.

We hope that you enjoy this addition to the Rittners Floral School Video Series.

Fun With Equisetum From Rittners Floral School

At Rittners Floral School in Boston, Ma., we take pride in using all kinds of neat botanicals in our floral art…

Recently our Day Course students have been playing with Equisetum.

Equisetum is one of those amazing materials that seems unassuming and harmless……. Yet you will be amazed at how much impact it can have on your floral designing….

The use of equisetum is one of the “tricks of the trade” and we are happy to share it with you… Try some Equisetum in your floral art for new and different looks!