Is The Temporal Factor in Floral Art All That Important?


Floral designing today is quite eclectic. As floral artists we sometimes create designs that are quite classical in feeling and approach. Yet at the same time, we create things that are cutting edge if not “bleeding edge” stylistically.

Some people get hung up over whether a design is “old fashioned” or “trendy.” Has the design or similar floral art been created for the past decade (or more) or is it a dramatically new approach?

In art and design fields, these words (“old fashioned” or “trendy”) are often the source of much concern, conflict and debate. For one floral designer to call another floral designer “old fashioned” is the floral field equivalent of “name calling.”  After all, who wants to be considered, “old fashioned” especially in a design field, where everyone likes to think of themselves as current and trendy! Call another floral designer “old fashioned” and you are essentially making an obscene gesture.

Frankly, I think this kind of verbiage is a waste of time and energy. The bottom line is that a floral design that one person calls “old fashioned” another will consider “romantic.” A floral piece that one person sees as “trendy,” another will dismiss as “strange” or “bizarre.”

Does it really make all that much difference if the origins of a particular piece of floral art are temporally closer or father away? In my opinion, I don’t think so.

It matters little if a design approach or style was developed nearer or farther away in time. Something that is aesthetically pleasing can still be pleasing even if Grandpa made something similar. (eg.  Like those round bouquets that are all the rage with brides? Not exactly “this year,” but they still love them– and rightfully so!)

What is important is that someone somewhere likes that style and finds that it speaks to him/her. What is important is that people enjoy flowers in their lives, regardless of style.

This allows a huge range of expression in your floral art. What is wrong with greater eclecticism in floral expression? In my opinion, nothing at all.

Take the design illustrated above for example. If you look at it quickly, it feels very classical. It has a radiating fan shape, and includes carnations, often associated with traditional floral art.

But is this design really traditional? To start with the container is totally concealed, covered with moss in what many floral designers would consider to be a very contemporary manner.
Yes there are carnations, but a huge number of carnation stems–without the heads, are also filling space within this arrangement. (In fact the stems were left over from carnations used in other design projects.) Stems placed without heads is certainly not traditional….

The carnations are mixed with two wonderful upscale flowers (allium and viburnum.)  Look closely and you will see these two upscale materials intricately interwoven into the entire body of this piece….

Finally notice the use of twigs… Yes there is branchy stuff… twigs… Kiwi vine placed throughout this floral design. The use of branchy materials is commonly found in contemporary pieces.

Is this design classical? Is it contemporary? A good question. Bottom line, is that it is interesting……and if someone out there likes or loves it, that is all that counts.

Awesome Summer Fun Floral Course At Rittners Floral School Starts July 25th

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We only offer this intense Three Week Workshop once each year, this season from July 25-Aug 12th.

One major obstacle that folks encounter when trying to learn floral art quickly, is that all too often short programs are presented a la carte in piecemeal sections. That can be confusing and more costly over time. Not so in this program. This course is designed specifically for folks who would like a well organized, well thought out and well planned program teaching floral art skills in a format of short duration. It is one of our most popular courses and attracts folks from all over the country.

Although it starts simply assuming no prior background it is very practical as it includes intermediate and even advanced floral skills.

I especially look forward to teaching this course each year.

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More Fun With Allium From Rittners Floral School

Many of you enjoyed our video “Quick and Easy Designs With Allium.

Some of you asked for more!

We are delighted to present another video featuring Allium. Allium flowers are big, bold and fun to work with. They are impressive!

Best of all you can achieve really great floral art results with very little effort when using this great flower!

Hope you enjoy this latest Rittners Floral School Video.

Even Patriotism Can Be Fun!

This is a video of a  flash mob at a Cape Cod Stop and Shop. It happened just before the July 4th holiday. I thought it this video was pretty cool! I think you will too!

If we can show a photo of an Independence Day Floral Design in our floral school blog and a huge multi-acre flag made out of flowers, certainly we can show this as well.
It’s fun. And at Rittners Floral School in Boston we are strong believers in having fun!

6.65 Acre American Flag of Flowers!

I came across this one a year ago and mentioned it on my personal facebook page,  but it is definitely worth repeating.

Imagine a 6.65 acre American flag made out of flowers?

It was 740 feet wide and 390 feet high and contained over 2 million flowers! It was created in Lompoc CA. back in 2002. Aerial photo courtesy of Bill Morson. Truely amazing!

Happy Independence Day From Rittners Floral School in Boston

Our Declaration of Independence has often been considered one of the most accomplished pieces of political prose that exists. Those far better versed than I am in literature, political science and law could better describe its merits. However there are several particular points that I find rather compelling.

The Pursuit of Happiness.

One is the postulate that not only are all men created equal but that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Notice that it doesn’t say that we are guaranteed happiness, but that we should have the right to pursue it!

This optimism is something that has been a part of our national outlook right from the beginning.  We can pursue happiness. We can and should pursue our dreams. And yes, dreams can come true…..

For our founding fathers the comment about happiness was a stepping stone in making an argument for a political break from England, but its implications are profound.

I tend to look at it on a personal level. Many folks attend our classes at Rittners Floral School in Boston, not only for vocational purposes, but also to get out and have a good time, to develop their creative side, to reduce stress and to have fun. Our mission as a school is to help folks pursue their dreams…. to help folks have  a great educational experience using florals, and in the process, to help them improve their lives …. I take this pursuit of happiness/dreams ideal seriously. If we give up our dreams we stop living. We are merely surviving….

The Concept of Independence.

Independence can be in the form of a people declaring their sovereignty as a nation. But it can also be viewed on a personal level.  To me the person who comes to our school to reduce job related stress is also declaring a form of independence. Students who takes a course in floral designing at Rittners so that they can open their own small business or perhaps run a part time business out of their home or by appointment are also declaring a form of independence……..And doesn’t it again comes back to the pursuit of happiness?

Independence …….The pursuit of happiness. So critical to the birth our our nation. So critical to the soul of  every human being. As we view the symbols of our nation and incorporate it into our floral designing, let’s keep in mind that these ideals, interwoven into our nation’s history are also things that can and should operate on the personal level as well.

To all of you, we at Rittners wish a very pleasant Holiday Weekend.