Short Evening Course to Begin May 24th at Rittners Floral School


Whenever I talk about  any course that we offer, I usually will comment that it is awesome (or words to that effect!) But I really mean it. I am proud of each and every one of the courses that we offer here at Rittners Floral School, as I am the folks who take them!

All of our courses are carefully designed for very specific consumer needs (not staff’s egos). In fact, some students have told me that one reason they are attracted to our school is that they can see that orientation.

Our Short Evening Course is a good example of that. We are offering it only once*** this season, starting May 24th. It is designed specifically for folks who have asked us for a floral art course that features professional floral design content, yet is at night, is very short duration, and is as reasonably priced as possible.

This program meets that criteria. In fact, to our knowledge it is the most reasonably priced program of its kind in the region.

The advantages of this course for you are many—

It is at night making it an easy course to attend if you have job commitments or other obligations during the daytime.

It is short, which appeals to complex work and lifestyle schedules.

It is very reasonably priced which appeals to the pocketbook…..

Get out, have fun and meet some new people. Learn practical floral designing skills…. Enjoy the great teaching that our school is known for!

If you want to take a professional level course, and get the basics quickly and easily you can’t beat this one!

It is starting next week, and I only have a couple of spaces still available. If you are interested in this one, give me a call at 617-267-3824

(***PS: Why don’t I offer it more often?  The answer is simple: My family likes to have me around at night too!)


Exciting 21st Century Clauss Tools Now Featured At Rittners Floral School


At Rittners Floral School, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our students’ experience.

One area that has been of particular concern to us, over the past couple of years, is our working tools. We have tried an assortment of various tools from various sources and along with our students, have put them through rigorous even extreme use. Some of these tools and solutions worked better. Others did not.

The choice of cutting tools is a highly personal and emotional subject for most floral designers. The tools that we use as we design have to work flawlessly in the background without drawing attention to themselves. Yet the floral designer is acutely aware of them, and whether they function well and feel nice to handle.

This is the 21st Century and we believe that our working tools used in training at Rittners Floral School should reflect the most advanced engineering technologies that are available on the planet. And they must not be subject to dated “sacred cow” type thinking.

With the cooperation of the folks at Clauss, we are moving forward to incorporate a range of wonderful cutting tools into the classes at Rittners Floral School. The folks at Clauss have been producing wonderful tools since 1877, but the instruments that they are currently manufacturing are not Dad or Grandad’s cutting tools. These items that reflect today’s technologies are awesome!

At one time the concept of serrated edges was (pardon the pun), cutting edge. Today, contemporary approaches also include such things as Titanium Bonded and Non-Stick technologies, Microban protection, ergonomic design and the use of recycled materials into handles for a more sustainable ecological approach! Wow! Just learning about all this stuff is mind boggling!

We are just so excited at the prospect of our students playing with these exciting tools.


Rittners Floral School Students/Grads Get 5% Discount from Riccardi Wholesale Florist in Boston, MA.


At Rittners Floral School in Boston, we are committed to providing strong back up services for students and graduates of our school. It is part of our student centered approach to teaching floral art.

As part of that back up we are pleased to help students and graduates find reliable and friendly sources of supply in the floral field.

We are delighted to announce that Riccardi Wholesale Florist in the Boston Flower Exchange will provide a 5% discount to any Rittner Student or Graduate who can show proof of attendance (ID or verification from the school).

We think that it is great that the folks at Riccardi Wholesale Florist are being positive in their efforts to encourage folks who attend our school and who are entering the floral industry.


Party Favors Of Brookline Adds Floral Design Skills To Party Products/Services

It is always fun to see who will be taking a floral course with us at Rittners Floral School. One of the pleasures of my job is to meet some very talented people.

It is also pretty neat to see how the floral art that we teach at Rittners Floral School will inspire our students in various ways. Take for example, John Pergantis owner of Party Favors of Brookline, MA. Party Favors is one of those wonderful stores that is a real find. They carry an incredible range of party related merchandise and services and they are constantly adding to their range. A really great place to visit if you have a party or event…. Their cupcakes and cakes are incredible!

It was a pleasure to have John and several of his staff attend recent courses. In one of our classes we taught how to create a flower using foliage. John and his staff took the concept and turned it into a wonderfully neat topping for a cake! Very tasty! While I can’t eat my foliage flower, we certainly enjoyed Party Favors chocolate interpretation!


Happy Romantic Mother’s Day From Rittners Floral School, Boston, MA

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a small floral expression of romance.

Floral expressions of romance may take many forms from large to small. They may incorporate many different kinds of floral materials.

In this demonstration we show how to make a romantic little vase arrangement . It is designed in a mint julep container. The contents include imports from Israel such as kochia, green trick dianthus, lisianthus, ornithogalum, and hypericum berries.


Rittners Floral School “Israeli Gallery Guide” Available for Free Download

Rittners Floral School Website is a labor of love. I really enjoy constantly adding, modifying and creating!

Those of you who have spent time really checking it out, have discovered that it contains many nooks and crannies! Besides information about our various courses, there is an entire section with resources for kids, a huge section of free step-by-step photographs teaching floral art, a large number of free video floral demonstrations, Incredible Distance Learning Resources for sale, backup materials for our graduates, a store with Rittners Floral School branded clothing, and more! Our blog and facebook pages also complement our web site and add to its resources.

We have recently enjoyed adding all kinds of floral design galleries into our web site featuring stephanotis, berries and most recently some wonderful imported flowers from Israel. If you have not yet checked these online galleries out you really should! They are fun and they are also free!

Which brings me to the point of this blog entry. We have just added a very nice “Gallery Guide” to our Israeli Gallery. It details the many materials used, and some of their salient features. Best of all it is free to download in pdf format. You will find it in the “Fun With Flowers From Israel Gallery” at:

Please  enjoy!!



From Rittners Floral School–Teleflora’s Mother’s Day Commercial- Very Funny!!

This is Teleflora’s Faith Hill Mother’s Day Ad.

Those of you who read our comments about the Superbowl Ad, (Feb Eighth) know that we thought that earlier commercial was funny but possibly offensive to some folks.

This one is right on target. Our clueless friend isn’t sure how to express his feelings…….And Faith and Teleflora are there to help.

The results are funny, and the ad is done in a way that shouldn’t bother too many folks’ sensitivities.

Good job. It once again shows how floral designers really can help enhance life. I think that this ad is a winner!