Happy Easter From Rittners Floral School In Boston, MA

We love Easter. Easter of course has both religious as well as secular aspects to it.

For us Easter represents the rebirth and renewal of nature. After a long, cold, dreary winter, the rebirth of nature is a joyous event!

We celebrate it in our gardens, in the beautiful blooming of the trees in our gorgeous neighborhood, and in the surprises that we find in our gardens.

All of us here at Rittners Floral School in Boston wish you a very happy Easter  and spring renewal!


Spring Daffodil Floral Design Video From Rittners Floral School, Boston, MA.

Nothing says spring quite like daffodils.

They are bright, optimistic and beautiful. They smell great. So let’s celebrate spring with arrangements incorporating some daffodils!

In this short demonstration from Rittners Floral School in Boston, we present four spring floral designs.Two of these vase arrangements- one created in foam, the other created using pinholders- are put together step-by-step in front of the camera. Two designs in water and glass are presented completed.


Rittners Floral School Salutes Runners in The Boston Marathon

My daughter once gave me a piece of original artwork, a drawing of some feet entitled “The agony of Defeet.”  The visual pun was based on the the old sports comment of how sports celebrate “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.”

Nowhere is this more dramatically found than in the 26 mile feat of endurance called the Boston Marathon. Our school is located quite close to both the route and the finish line.

The original marathon runner, who ran to report a military victory in ancient Greece had a bad day. Unfortunately he dropped dead from the effort. Modern marathoners at least train hard,  so that the results will be less harsh. Still they put themselves through an incredible effort both physically and mentally to achieve their personal best. Just completing the marathon makes them winners, and essentially most of the population in Boston and the metro area celebrate this collective victory.

Achieving ones personal best in an athletic endeavor against great odds. It’s dramatic, exciting, and inspirational.

Yet I often see similar victories that are  less visible, less dramatic yet just as significant amongst the students attending our floral school. The mother who is taking a course in floral designing and juggling her financial situation and family scheduling to achieve her career goals…..The student who has his/her own private battle with ribbon, learning to master bow making….The student who is juggling several jobs, while attending school, and yet still is managing to complete all of her assignments………These folks are also sometimes dealing with difficult situations, and still seeking to achieve their own personal best.

The significance of The Boston Marathon is really in going for your personal best, regardless of how hard it may seem. That kind of inspiration may be found in many places!


Gallery “Fun With Flowers From Israel” Now Online At Rittners Floral School

The folks in Israel took land that had been destroyed and neglected for several thousand years, and have brought it back to life. Not only are they producing food, but they are also producing enough flowers for export to become a major player in the world flower market. In fact FloraHolland the cooperative Dutch Auction lists Israel amongst the ten top countries that flowers are imported from.

In cooperation with the wonderful folks at Blooms of Beloit, in Beloit, WI, our school recently enjoyed the use of some pretty neat florals from Israel. Lisianthus, Green Trick Dianthus, Ornathogalum Dubium, Ranunculus, Xanadu, Kochia and more. These wonderful materials allow an incredible range of creative expression.

We are proud to announce the online gallery opening of  ”Fun With Flowers From Israel”

It contains both photographs and videos of designing created using these wonderful materials……..

You may find it by scrolling down our home page (www.floralschool.com) or by going directly to:  http://floralschool.com/Israeli1.htm



A Visit To The Flower Show at Macy’s by Steve Rittner, Rittners Floral School, Boston, MA

What does a floral design school director do when he has some free time? Go and look at flowers of course!!

The folks at Macy’s have been running a spring flower show for decades. This year the show is being run in six cities—impressive. (from March 27-April 10th). It is a testimony to the strong drawing power of flowers and plants, that a store that sells clothing would be so positive about florals.

I had never been to one of Macy’s shows, so I was very curious about what it was all about and how it was handled.

How can flowers and florals be integrated into a retail setting that is designed for selling handbags, clothing and jewelry?

The folks at Macy’s came up with a wonderful solution. Thousands of green and flowering plants were placed into large trays that are on top of the retail displays. The result was rich and lavish.

I marveled not only at the beautiful display of botanicals, but at the amount of expense and effort this show requires. The logistics of planning, and then bringing these items in was incredible. I have placed some photographs of this show on our facebook page. It gives but a brief idea the awesomeness of this show!

We were impressed.