Awesome April 4th Concentrated Course in Floral Design Starting Soon at Rittners Floral School

This course is really awesome!!! ( Or as we say in Boston… It is wicked awesome!!!)

Our passsion for teaching floral designing here at Rittners Floral School in Boston, MA. definitely shows in this exciting diploma program.

One of the biggest problems that folks encounter when trying to learn floral art quickly, is that all too often short programs are presented a la carte in piecemeal sections. That can be confusing and more costly over time. Not so in this program. This course is designed specifically for folks who would like a well organized, well thought out and well planned program teaching floral art skills in a format of short duration.

It is one of our most popular courses and attracts folks from all over the country. Although it starts simply assuming no prior background it is very practical as it includes intermediate and even advanced floral skills.

I especially look forward to teaching this course each year.

Have some well deserved fun and learn practical money making skills in this hands-on workshop floral art course. No prior background is necessary. Amaze your friends, family and acquaintances with the gorgeous floral art that you will bring home! Earn bragging rights. Make them all envious!

Pay-As-You-Go Plan. Visa/MC accepted.
For more information Click HERE!!

Exciting Floral Materials From Israel at Rittners Floral School

In Grandad’s day local sources for flowers were the norm.

How times have changed! Grandad would be envious!

Today flowers are brought in from such diverse places as Holland, Costa Rica, Columbia, Canada, Thailand, Hawaii and California. It is very much a worldwide market.

Through the cooperation of Blooming of Beloit in Beloit, Wisconsin we recently enjoyed a range of interesting florals from Israel.

Yes, Israel!  The folks in Israel took land that had been destroyed and neglected for several thousand years, and have brought it back to life. Not only are they producing food, but they are also producing enough flowers for export to become a major player in the world flower market. In fact FloraHolland the cooperative Dutch Auction lists Israel amongst the ten top countries that flowers are imported from.

Lisianthus, Green Trick Dianthus, Ornathogalum Dubium, Ranunculus, Xanadu, Kochia and more. These wonderful materials allow an incredible range of creative expression. Our Day Students were especially fascinated with Green Bell, an unusual filler that gives a very unique presence to a design and with the Green Trick Dianthus which has a very unique color and texture. We hope to feature some of these wonderful flowers from Israel  soon on our website in in some of our online demonstrations.

Socially Responsible Floral Designing–Spotlight on Nicole Pirani’s “Blooms of Hope”

Is there such a thing as socially responsible floral art? Can flowers, floral products and floral designing be used as an instrument for positive impact and change in our society?

I believe so. At Rittners Floral School we really believe that floral art can and should be an instrument for positive social change.

In earlier blog entries we’ve talked about the positive impact that floral designs and floral products can have upon people both in terms of creating more positive emotional states and environmental impacts. (9/22/09–Floral Designing is Healthy For You, 10/20/10–Can Plants Make Our Homes Healthier? and 2/9/11-More On The Health Benefits of Plants)…

Rittners Floral School graduate Nicole Pirani of Blooms of Hope has found another exciting approach for socially responsible floral designing…..

Nicole owns “Blooms of Hope.” She enjoys stylizing flowers for weddings and events, and as you can see from her website, , her floral designing is gorgeous.

Nicole’s business model involves donating 50% of her profits to charitable organizations. These organizations do some very neat things ranging from enriching the lives of babies born into poverty, providing meals to shelters,  helping kids with developmental and emotional issues, providing support services to families dealing with breast cancer and more.

I love this. Nicole is providing all the positive emotional benefits that beautiful floral art can provide to the recipients and the people around them.

But she is doing more.

She is also giving back to the community in another way.

Her customers know that the impact of their floral purchase will last far beyond the event itself.

What a wonderful legacy!