Rittners Floral School Opens Online Valentine Resource Center for the Romantically Challenged

Yes, it’s almost that time of year again! Valentine’s Day. THE HOLIDAY that strikes fear into the heart of the male of the species. He knows in his heart of hearts that if he messes up on this one, the single life will once again be upon him. (or perhaps a six month living experience in the garage of his home.)

I never cease to be amazed at the amount of online nonsense that starts to show up at this time of the year  as to how to buy “cheap” flowers, or otherwise economize on the love of your life. I even found suggestions this season to hang out and take some free flowers after a funeral is over, or to find some flowers in the dumpster outside of a flower shop. How romantic and heart warming!

For the romantically challenged, or for someone simply in need of advice, we’ve opened up a new section of our website. It is called our Valentine Resource Center. It features articles, videos and photographs. We hope that it is helpful resource to all in need!

New Rittners Floral School Apparel Now Available!

Normally I like to talk about more profound kinds of things in this blog, but many of you have been asking us about getting Rittners Floral School Branded items. And we do listen and hear you!

So we are pleased to let you know that we now set up have something very neat for you. You may access a special Apparel page by hitting the “Rittners Apparel” button on our website menu. Alternatively check out the links below:

Awesome Evening Course in Floral Design Starts Jan 27 at Rittners Floral School, Boston, MA.

This course is awesome.

Our passion for teaching floral designing here at Rittners Floral School in Boston definitely shows in this exciting program.

This course is designed specifically for folks in New England who are working or have other obligations during the day. It is an exciting and funky course. Designing ranging from the simple to the complex is presented in this dynamic program. Learn floral art ranging from large hotel lobby type arranging to the round hand tied bouquet with the stems so popular with today’s brides. Design in foam, water and even under water! Classical and cutting edge techniques are explored.

No prior background in floral design is necessary. The course starts simply but includes intermediate and advanced skills. Whether your goal is vocational or simply R&R, this diploma program is for you! Have some well deserved fun! Learn money making skills.

Amaze your family and friends with all the gorgeous floral art  that YOU will make and bring home!

Earn bragging rights! Make them all envious!

Easy Pay-As-You-Go Plan. Visa/MC accepted.

For more information Click HERE!

Happy New Year From Rittners Floral School, in Boston, MA.

New Year is an interesting holiday. We reflect back upon the year just past, and look forward to the future and what it may bring.

It is an introspective holiday. Did we accomplish all that we set out to achieve in the past year? Did we improve ourselves in any way? And just as importantly, as we begin a new year, how can we do better in the months ahead and improve our lives? People make resolutions. They keep some. They forget others. But at the heart of the holiday is the sincere hope to move forward in a productive way… To be healthier, happier or smarter. To develop one’s talents and one’s abilities….

I find this a very exciting process, for at Rittners Floral School, our whole purpose in being is to help folks lead happier and more pleasant lives. Yes we teach floral designing. Yes we are passionate about floral design as an art form. But believe it or not we also view floral designing instruction as a practical means to an end. For some our course is a road to a new vocation. For others it is a way to learn skills that will supplement their incomes. For still others, a course at Rittners Floral School is a pathway to reduce the stress and tension of everyday life. For others it is a way to get out and meet new people and having some well deserved fun.

It’s amazing how a small change in our path can make our lives so much better. It is our hope that  the pathway of enjoying flowers and floral designing will be one of the things that really makes a difference in your life in the months and year to come.