AWESOME Fall Evening Class in Floral Design to Begin on Oct 5th @ Rittners Floral School, Boston

Our Evening Course in Floral Designing will be starting soon on Oct. 5th.

This course is quite bluntly, awesome!!! Our passion for teaching floral designing here at Rittners Floral School in Boston, MA. definitely shows in this exciting diploma program.

We especially look forward to teaching this course each year.
This course is designed for folks who are busy during the day but are seeking a high quality course teaching floral designing skills after work hours. If you have family obligations or are in the workplace, but would like to re-tool and recreate yourself, this program is for you.
It is also an ideal way to relax and reduce stress. As I say to my students, “I work hard so that you will  have fun!!”
Have some well deserved fun and learn practical money making skills in this hands-on floral art course. No prior background is necessary. Amaze your friends, family and acquaintances with the gorgeous floral art that you will bring home!
Earn bragging rights. Make them all envious!
Parking available near the school. Easy to reach by public transportation.
Located in one of the nicest neighborhoods of Boston.
Pay-As-You-Go Plan. Visa/MC accepted.
For more information Click HERE!!

Current Rittners Floral School Day Class Has Students From Seven States!

In the Academy Award winning movie, Forrest Gump makes the observation that “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.” I find that that observation also applies to the demographic make up of all of the various floral design classes here at Rittners Floral School throughout the year. We enjoy such diversity in background, approach, and geographic origin in all of our various programs.

It makes my job especially interesting.

Our current Day Class includes folks from seven states! In fact, checking our demographics of all of our classes over the past year alone we find fifteen different states represented. Our strength is in the Northeast, but the quality of our courses also attracts folks from all over North America and abroad. That is pretty neat especially considering that we are a small school.

My welcome to the Day Class of 2010/2011!

It is truly a privilege to be sharing the art of floral design with motivated people. I find that I always appreciate the sheer talent and abilities of my students. Last year’s students were awesome! Based on the performance of my current class over just the first couple of days, I suspect that the class that is now underway will be equally great and will inspire us as we hope to inspire them.

Watermelon Floral Design Revisited–Contemporary Style From Rittners Floral School

Hi Everyone.

A short time ago we presented a little video on Youtube featuring a lovely classical vase arrangement made in a watermelon base. Rich and opulent. Classical floral art!  Thanks to many of you for the nice emailed comments. Here is another demonstration showing designing in a watermelon base–but contemporary rather than classical styling.