May Evening Course at Rittners Floral School in Boston Filled……….June 1st Concentrated Day Class to Start Soon. Some Spaces Still Available

The response to the May Evening Class in Floral Designing at Rittners Floral School in Boston has been quite strong and very gratifying. It is filled to capacity. We have had one meeting of the class and we are impressed with the wonderful people who are attending.

This note is to remind you that we have another wonderful program that is coming up very soon. It is our Spring June Concentrated Day Course in Floral Designing. This one is our answer to folks who would like a well organized, and well planned day program in floral designing that is of short duration. I believe that this course is truly awesome!

Even if you have never touched a flower in your life, you will be quite comfortable in this program. The June Course In Floral Design starts simply assuming no prior background but provides more than elementary designing. But we don’t just stop with beginners skills. We want to give our students as much value as we can. Therefore students also learn intermediate and advanced skills in this amazing little course.

The course runs Mon-Fri from June 1-June 30th during the daytime. You will design every day with flowers and take home every floral design that you make.

The range of floral art covered is fantastic.

Our Concentrated Day Course students learn not only vase arrangements but also wedding designs, flowers to wear, novelty floral designing and more. From sculptural structure style floral art to the round bouquet with the stems that is all the rage, this program provides an exciting workshop experience in learning practical floral designing skills.

In addition to a range of floral designing techniques and approaches our Concentrated Course students also learn about wholesale floral outlets and how to gain access to them, how professional designers condition flowers and how to price floral art for profit.

Although our students learn a lot in this program, I work hard to make sure it is fun. In fact, many of our students have told us that taking this course is one of the best things they ever did for themselves!

If you want to get a chance to learn a lot in a short time, and have some well deserved fun this program is for you. Our Concentrated Day Program is a diploma course. Let us know if you are from out of town and need housing suggestions. Enrollment in this course is limited. If you want to take this one, please phone us at 617-267-3824 , or get your application in to us soon!

Short Evening Course In Floral Designing To Begin May 18th at Rittners Floral School

Whenever I talk about  any course that we offer, I usually will comment that it is awesome (or words to that effect!) But I really mean it. I am proud of each and every one of the courses that we offer here at Rittners Floral School, as I am the folks who take them!

All of our courses are carefully designed for very specific consumer needs (not staff’s egos). In fact, some students have told me that one reason they are attracted to our school is that they can see that orientation.

Our Short Evening Course is a good example of that. We are offering it only once*** this season, starting May 18th. It is designed specifically for folks who have asked us for a floral art course that features professional floral design content, yet is at night, is very short duration, and is as reasonably priced as possible.

This program meets that criteria. In fact, to our knowledge it is the most reasonably priced program of its kind in the region.

The advantages of this course for you are many—

It is at night making it an easy course to attend if you have job commitments or other obligations during the daytime.

It is short, which appeals to complex work and lifestyle schedules.

It is very reasonably priced which appeals to the pocketbook…..

Get out, have fun and meet some new people. Learn practical floral designing skills…. Enjoy the great teaching that our school is known for!

If you want to take a professional level course, and get the basics quickly and easily you can’t beat this one!

It is starting next week, and I only have a couple of spaces still available. If you are interested in this one, give me a call at 617-267-3824

(***PS: Why don’t I offer it more often?  The answer is simple: My family likes to have me around at night too!)