Spring @ Rittners Floral School in Boston

Mag2We are blessed in that Rittners Floral School is located in the Back Bay which is one of the nicest residential neighborhoods in Boston. We always know that spring has arrived in the Back Bay when the magnolias burst into their full glory! They not only look beautiful, but they smell great as well.

Mag3The magnolias have become an icon of the area. Woe to the unsuspecting developer who tries to prune one of these botanical specimens without the proper sensitivity! In an area of historical mansions that date back well over a hundred years, many folks believe that these glorious trees have always been here.

Magnolias3In reality they are the result of much hard work and effort by a woman named Laura Dwight who back in the early 60′s felt that planting the trees would help maintain the elegance of her beloved neighborhood. Her vision and her energies over forty years ago have left us with a gorgeous floral legacy that only gets better with each passing season!