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OK.  So what does a floral design school director in Boston do when he has a few moment of free time? (Does that ever happen? Yes,it does, but rarely.)

The answer is simple. It is fun to play with all of the wonderful toys online!

My wife Pam told me about this one. It is called Wordle!!

It is a very neat website that will rearrange words in all kinds of colors and configurations…..

You may find it at  http://www.wordle.net/

I guarantee though that this is one of those things you can’t just visit and leave.  You will spend hours playing with this one!! Oh and for the folks at Technorati: YM8HY6PZ3QK8

Some Wonderful Floral Hearts By The Students of Rittners Floral School

We are so proud of the many talented students that attend Rittners Floral School in Boston…..

Here is a gallery of Floral Hearts that they have created…. These could be used for any general expression of love……

Simply click on the photo down below………Click on the individual hearts for a closer look………

Posy Pockets: Incredible Floral Designing Devices!


We are truly blessed in the floral industry with the various manufacturers, importers and floral wholesalers who constantly help us change the look of our designing with the wonderful toys that they develop for us! As a floral designer and floral design educator at Rittners Floral School in Boston, I come across lots of things that are intended to make our floral designing easier, interesting and unusual.

(Before I say anything more, I should let you know that I have no financial interest in the product or company that I am about to talk about…… I just love their incredible products!)


Once in a while, there is the device or gizmo that just stands out from the crowd. Something that  blows us away…. A device that is an outstanding solution to a floral design problem. Something that is simple yet elegant….. Such is the case with posy pockets.


This is a simple little device, a piece of styrofoam covered with fabric.  It seems simple but the implications of these posy pockets are really quite profound for floral designers.

As floral designers we often use foam holders as our bases for bridal bouquets. They are quite functional.  The foam makes it easy to create various shapes. The plastic parts of these holders  are white and attractive. But brides often do want differing looks for their bouquets. They  sometimes want the handle finished differently, or covered. Or they are seeking a certain kind of “look” to the design.

Posy pockets are a wonderful way to do just that. Place one of these on the handle of a bouquet holder and instant pizzazz!

Visit the company web site at http://www.cameomacguffin.com and you will see an infinite number of looks that can be achieved ranging from elegant to quite exotic!

Congratulations to this company. At Rittners Floral School in Boston we feel that these posy pockets are wonderful!

More Valentine Joy From Rittners School of Floral Design in Boston, MA

Hey we are on a roll!!! Here is another neat floral design demonstration featuring flowers for Valentine’s Day.

We call these “2 in 1 Valentine’s Day Vase Arrangements.” The concept here is two vase arrangements that are separate, yet complement each other. Two floral designs that are independent yet united. Sounds romantic? Watch this demonstration from The Rittners Floral School in Boston, MA. to learn a very unique and contemporary way to express love and romance…. ENJOY!

(MMM. Does Dr. Steve look like he is sleeping in that picture below? Do his students wear him out?? Well watch the demonstration!  We assure you that he is actually very animated!)

Happy Valentine’s Day From Rittners School of Floral Design, Boston, Ma.

Happy Valentine’s Day! And to help celebrate, we hope you enjoy this brief floral design demonstration in which we show you a very neat way to incorporate a dozen roses into a high style vase arrangement! AWESOME!!

Incidentally don’t forget, our Concentrated Spring and Summer Courses are coming up soon….. Get your registration in to hold a spot for yourself.