SMR Stephanotis At Rittners School of Floral Design



Rittners Floral School Day Course students recently enjoyed using stephanotis from SMR. Stephanotis is a premier flower, highly prized for use in wedding designing and for flowers to wear…….

shipmentWe call them flower gold, for they are considered an upscale and prestigious floral product. It is a cute little white flower….Stephanotis are not only lovely flowers, but also have a wonderful fragrance as well. (Mmmm. Here, I’ve smelled them for you!)

So many of our flowers these days are brought in from all over the world. It is not unusual for flowers used at Rittners Floral School to be from Holland, or perhaps from Columbia or even Central America or the Middle East.

I always take special pride though, when we use flowers that are grown in the United States….



SMR is in the Santa Clara Valley in California! The weather conditions and temperature there results in terrific stephanotis. The quality of these ‘grown in the USA’ flowers is quite obvious. The quality of SMR stephanotis are really awesome!! 


Go to

and to which is also linked on our floral school home page, you will find a huge range of ideas of wonderful things that can be made using stephanotis. (like those illustrated here in our blog.)

Our thanks to the wonderful folks at SMR!!

Rittners Floral School Day Course Students Enjoy A Halloween Wreath Clinic



Students in the Six Month Day Course in Floral Design and Floral Business Practices at Rittners School of Floral Design recently enjoyed a Halloween Wreath Clinic as part of their overall instruction. And what a special treat it was!

Normally we associate wreaths with Christmas. Sometimes we think of them as tribute designs. But wreaths can also be used for just about any occasion and holiday! All it takes is an open mind, a willingness to “step out of the box,” a little imagination, and the application of floral design techniques and approaches to the unique symbolic motifs of a particular holiday, occasion or event to create floral art that is unusual, unique—-and potentially quite profitable!Hallwreathdetail

Halloween is a perfect natural for this kind of approach. At one time, Halloween was considered a holiday for the youngsters. Today home decorations for Halloween, and the sales of novelties and costumes for adults as well as kids, is big business. 

Our clinic featured a number of wreath ideas and approaches. In our clinic’s presentation we stressed creative buying of Halloween props, the utilization of unusual combinations of materials and colors, and very specific techniques that can be applied to general wreath construction. If you look carefully at the sample illustrations here, you will notice the extreme attention to detail!

Ahhh! At Rittners Floral School we love teaching floral art!!