Happy Halloween From Rittners Floral School!




Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at Rittners Floral School. 

It is an interesting holiday.  It is the only holiday I can think of where we rejoice in things that we would normally find gross, disgusting and scary! Think about it. Would you want bats, spiders and skeletons in your home under most normal circumstances? We consider Halloween  representations of  these items to be harmless, benevolent and sometimes, almost friendly! We love to be scared and amazed on this holiday!

The origins of Halloween were rather grim and sinister compared to the festive modern day celebration. The Ancient Celts celebarated their New Year Festival during which sacrifices were made to Saman Lord of the Dead, and also to the sun. It was a harvest festival and it was believed that all kinds of spirits wandered about on Earth during this time……

Today we love to dress up, seek treats and enjoy this very unique fall holiday… 

We hope that you have a “boo-tiful” day!


Monochrome Floral Design Secrets!!





Isn’t this one a beauty? This combination of lime green carnations and green hydrangea is really something to behold! This elegant arrangement could be used as a table centerpiece for the home, for parties and wedding receptions or anywhere where you’d like a lovely table design with class and distinction.

It is a wonderful fall floral design, but could also be used at any time through the year depending upon availability of the ingredients. 

It is an easy arrangement for anyone to make (especially easy if you have studied or are studying floral design at Rittners Floral School in Boston!) but has some rather fascinating design implications…..

There are several secret design tricks in this arrangement. (Should I tell you? But then if I tell you, then they wouldn’t be secrets anymore!! Well. All right….I will tell you, but we’ll keep these design tricks between you and me…OK?)

The first  secret design trick is the use of monochromes. The concept behind a monochromatic arrangement is simple. Use tints, tones or shades of a particular color in a floral design. It’s not a new idea, but it is one that has become quite popular as of late and is considered quite chi-chi! The mixture of the greens of two very different flowers works so nicely here. Not only does the green of the hydrangea differ from the green of the carnations but the texture of the two kinds of flowers contrast nicely as well.

The second secret design trick in this design concerns the hydrangea. It is predominantly green but it also has a wonderful subtle blending of other colors mixed in. Look closely. You may see a petal here or there that is light blue…. A petal here or there that is slightly lavender….. Our eyes, however, interpret the cumulative effect of the hue of the hydrangea as green…… It is these marvelous little internal variations that create additional visual interest. There is very subtle variation yet our overall perception of the design still remains as “green.” Way cool!!

Design secrets! Tricks to creating gorgeous floral designs…… We love sharing these things at Rittners Floral School in Boston!

Flowers Rock!




You just can’t beat our media. Painters have to use watercolors, oils, etc. to come up with artistic expressions. Folks who work in stained glass have to deal with glass and metal. Sculptors deal with such raw materials as stone, metal or wood. They all come up with pretty impressive results–especially considering what they are using for their raw materials….

But the floral designer uses floral media as his/her raw material. The natural beauty of living floral media….. You just can’t beat that! As the owner of one of the finest floral design schools in the country I look at flowers every day.  You would think that after a while I would take flowers for granted…..Not so…..I never lose sight of the fact that I am especially privileged as an artist. At Rittners Floral School I get to play with natural living media in a rainbow of colors daily. It doesn’t get any better than that!